[Solved] Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

While entertaining with YouTube, you may often face YouTube 500 Internal Server Error. With this post, we would like to let the readers know how to fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error. However, this error generates from the YouTube Servers due to hacking or data overloading or some other technical faults. But in most cases, the problem can be fixed by the end users using YouTube web service or App.

But before fixing users are needed to know what does it mean “YouTube 500 Internal Server Error”?

What is YouTube 500 Internal Server Error?

When YouTube servers become down for a while due to hacking or overly crowded traffic in the same bit of timeframe, this may throw 500 Internal Server Error.  Its, obviously seen that error is caused due to YouTube Servers, but many times it is quite possible to fix the issue by the user end.

How to fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error?  

Here, users can go through the simplest troubleshooting methods to resolve the YouTube Server Error—

Troubleshoot-1: Let the YouTube Team To Fix

Since YouTube servers issue is the root cause of the error 500, you need to let the YouTube team handle the issue. Whenever this kind of error interrupts you, just wait for a while. Now close the existing browser tab. Open a new tab and hit your desired YouTube Video link URL.

If the problem is still the same after much of the time spent, you need to try the next troubleshooting.

Troubleshoot-2: Refresh the YouTube Page

Internal Server Error may also the cause of slow internet or network fluctuations. Therefore, many users recommend this method whenever they face such kind of issue. To refresh the page you may use F5 key or just simply hit the YouTube URL once again.

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If page refreshing is not working and the problem is still the same, you need to move to another alternative way to fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error.

Troubleshoot-3:  Use Chrome as Default User and Clear Cache

Users are recommended to use Google Chrome as their default browser. If you are already using Chrome, try to fix the issue by Clear browsing history.  Users are required to follow these simplest steps for the same to fix the YouTube 500 Internal Server Error.

  • Use the key combination CTRL + H to launch Chrome Settings Window.
  • From Advance Tab click Enable all checkboxes.
  • Now hit the “Clear Data” button at the bottom of the popup window.

This step will delete all your browsing history, unwanted cache, and cookies. Again hit your preferred YouTube video link URL. Hope, you have resolves the issue now. In case you still have the same issue, jump to next troubleshoot without being hopeless.

Troubleshoot-4: Contact YouTube Support Team

If the above two ways didn’t fix the issue, you can feel free to get in touch with the YouTube Customer Support Executives. Go through the official YouTube Help Center and describe your issue there. You may also join the YouTube Community Center to know other’s experiences about this issue and their recommended fixes.

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