How to Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows

If you are a Windows 10 user, you may face this kind of error appear in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). This normally may occur during when you restart your PC and cause to restart a loop. But guys, you don’t need to frustrate any more. The issue is not very serious because lots of ways would you know here in this article to fix the error called “KMode Exception Not Handled” in Windows 10.

How to Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows

Just go through the solutions now—

Fast Startup Disabling:

Fast Startup Disabling may be an effective solution to get rid of the issue. Here are the steps you just need to follow—

  1. From Control Panel Click over “System and Security” Options
  2. Select “Power” options and choose the required task.
  3. Now Move cursor to “Change Setting” Options.
  4. Remove the tick mark from the checkbox called “Turn On Fast Startup”.
  5. Click on Apply and save changes

That’s it. You have successfully done all. Hope you have successfully removed the error. But If you have the error as same as before, move to next options give below.

Drivers Updating:

The reason behind the KMode Exception Not Handled” in Windows may also the corrupt drivers. To fix the error your primary need is to update or replace the existing driver with the new one. But make sure you are doing it safe mode. All you need to do is just press the power button for 4 seconds of your PC or laptop before it finishes booting.  After that read here the simplest steps for how to fix the “KMode Exception Not Handled” Error in Windows 10 OS.

  1. Once after the restarting the PC, it automatically starts repairing and diagnosing the error. If you would like to see the entire process on the screen, you can click on Advanced Options and then after Troubleshoot.
  2. Now move your cursor over advanced options in the Startup Setting Tab.
  3. Now Press 4 to let your PC boot up finally in safe mode and Restart your PC again.
  4. Press Window + X.  From the Pop-up menu select Device Manager
  5. Look for the unknown devices there and click the right mouse button over it.
  6. Now click on “Update Driver”.
  7. A pop-up window will appear, Now click on Search to search for the updated driver.
  8. Wait for a while till you find the updated drive.
  9. Now restart your PC.
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This way you can remove the KMode Exception Not Handled Error in windows. However, it would not be so simple as the first one.

Automatic Error Solving By Windows:

You won’t need to be surprised by the fact that Windows is also capable by itself to resolve the Error “KMode Exception Not Handled”. This can be done by the SFC scanning. If the above two are failed to work, you can get hands for this way. Here is how?

  1. Open your command prompt black area (Press Windows + R or Type CMD in the Search box)
  2. Now Type the Command or copy-paste it: sfc/scannow.
  3. Hit Enter and wait for a while until the process is successfully done
  4. Now restart your computer.

Hope you would get here something impressive and valuable.  You may send us your valuable feedback or query regarding any kind of tech issues you might face on your PC.

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