4 Best iOS Emulators For Android

Emulators are the software that allows a system to replicate some or all the functionalities or behavior of another system. There are many emulators available for Windows, iOS and Android that allow these operating system to behave like one another. Such emulators are useful for developers and testers to run applications of some other system on the system they have and still get results as if the applications are running in the native environment.

For many reasons, many users do not own an iOS device. Or some users choose Android over iOS. For such users, emulators are helpful to run iOS applications on their Android phones. Android users can download iOS emulators available on the Google App store.

Best iOS Emulators For Android


Cider is considered to be one of the best iOS emulators for Android. This is a free emulator with no limitations on the number of downloads. Also, there are no in-app purchases. It can be installed as an apk file. Cider has a simple user interface. Developers use this emulator to test out their iOS applications. Cider might not work with a few Android devices. User will have to check if Cider is compatible with the Android device or not before installing it.


This emulator is a well-known application. It is also recognized as Padoid. iEmu is a free emulator which will work perfectly for both the  rooted and the non-rooted Android devices. This emulator supports .ipas and .zip files. This emulator, with a simple user interface takes a lot of reading access memory. User might need to clear the background running applications in order to run this emulator. iEmu is not suggested for phones that have RAM less than 1 GB.

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Appetize is a different kind of emulator. Users do not need to download and install this emulator. The user just has to open the web browser and search for Appetize. When opened, this emulator displays a virtual iPhone. The user can then use that virtual iPhone according to his or her requirements. This saves a lot of memory and time for users. Appetize is a web-based iOS simulator for Android. This emulator is free for limited use and paid version enables users unlimited usage. Appetize is available for Windows PC and Mac PC. It is a  cloud-based emulator. A user can run it on any operating system using any given web browser.

All In One 

All In  Emulator is popular, mainly because it offers Siri. This emulator lets the user download paid iOS applications for free. This emulator has iOS music application and the iOS camera. It has a decent user interface. These features make this emulator one of the best iOS emulators for Android.

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