How to Force Quit on Mac (5 Working Solutions)

Hello friends, how many times it happened that you are working on something important and suddenly your Mac got locked? At such time you would often find that the app you are using gets frozen, the mouse doesn’t work and you see a ‘spinning beach ball’. Are you facing a similar problem? If you are facing this issue, note that all the symptoms mentioned above indicate that your app has stopped working and you need to Force Quit.

Yes, just Force Quit and you can resume your work again. Don’t know How to Force Quit on Mac? Well, no problem. We will explain How to Force Quit but lets know why did this occur? The situation of app getting frozen occured because your Mac’s CPU memory is full or app is having loads of data.  

How to Force Quit on Mac

We are getting many requests to share the solutions for the above mentioned problem. Just keep the faith and continue reading.

Here we are sharing a guide with 4 working methods to Force Quit on Mac. Just follow our steps on how to force quit apps on mac and speed up your system.

Press Command+Option+Escape

This is one of the easiest & helpful steps to force quit. Why get into difficult solutions when you can find the solution on the keyboard itself? Many times it happens that the mouse gets frozen, at such times the other methods fail but this method will work with ease.

  • Press and hold following keys – Command + Option + Escape
  • Choose and select the program you want to quit from Dialogue Box
  • Click Force Quit
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Force Quit via Activity Monitor

Whenever the problem is more intense, using keyboard keys to force quit might not work. At such time, Activity Monitor is an option. Activity Monitor is an Apple’s inbuilt task manager. Activity Monitor is one of the most reliable methods to force quit.

  • Open Activity Monitor. The application can be find using Finder but it is easier to access using Launchpad.
  • Click on Launchpad icon on your dock.
  • Click on Activity Monitor
  • Activity Monitor will display all processes and apps that are currently running on your system.
  • Choose the program you want to force quit. Click on the program and hit “X” button. A confirmation message will pop up on your screen. Click on Force Quit and the app will be killed quickly.

Use Apple Menu

If you are not satisfied by first two methods, here we are sharing the third one. Even this one is easy way to force quit mac. All you need to do is open Apple menu and select force quit option.

Note that this is not the powerful method. If tabs are not responding even after following this step, do try to force quit using other listed methods.

Force Quit From Dock Panel

Force Quit on Mac using Dock Panel is a common practice used by Mac users. Hold Alt (Option) key and right-click on the application you want close. The Quit option will change to Force Quit. Click Force Quit and you are done.

Force Quit via Terminal

If none of the methods above worked for you, Force Quit using Terminal. All those who prefer the command line method, directly use this method.

  • Launch the Terminal
  • Type following command : kill all [application name]
  • Click Enter
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