9 Best Image/Photo Viewers for Windows 10 in 2023

Best Image/Photo Viewers – Photos and images have become a common part of our daily lives today. Thanks to the abundance of smartphones and digital cameras, taking pictures has never been so easy. Viewing the picture on a large screen, such as your computer or laptop, is a must before selecting the best ones to share with loved ones.

Windows users were previously normally satisfied with the built-in Windows Photo Viewer in previous versions. However, the recent Windows 10 OS has the more advanced Windows Photos. Although the new Photos app is meant to enhance the user experience, a significant number of Windows users still miss the classic Windows Photo Viewer and familiar user-interface.

Before going through our list of the best image/photo viewer apps for Windows 10, here are a few pointers to look for before making your choice.

An ideal photo viewer app needs to have:

  • Full-screen display
  • Slideshow
  • Photo Editor
  • Printing
  • RAW image file compatibility
  • Photo resizing
  • Image converter

Apart from these basic features, ensure to check whether your choice of image/photo viewer supports common image file extensions, such as:

  • .JPEG
  • .PNG
  • .JPG
  • .GIF
  • .BMP, etc

9 Best Image/Photo Viewers for Windows 10 in 2019

Hence, after we tasked our experts to find out the best options, here is the list of the top 9 best image/photo viewers for Windows 10 in 2019:

Windows Photo Viewer


  • Official software so it’s safe and reliable to use.
  • Doesn’t require downloading or installing add-ons.


  • Search and Sort options are not available
  • Comic book formats and .PDF files are not supported
  • Thumbnail view is not available
  • Lacks navigation cache functions
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Windows Photo Viewer tops the list of the best image and photo viewers for Windows 10 because of its immense popularity and ease-of-use. It provides a highly-efficient user-interface that millions of Windows users are already familiar with. The Windows Photo Viewer can be easily installed and selected as the default app for viewing images in Windows 10 computers.



  • The lightweight package uses less storage space
  • Advanced functions that support editing of heavy files
  • Displays large files with ease


  • Features like Red-Eye Removal and Text Insert are missing
  • Paid software

The XnView is another highly popular image and photo viewing app for Windows 10 users. It is considered to be an excellent alternative if you cannot use Windows Photo Viewer. It offers extensive image browsing, editing and conversion options and even support several audio and video formats as well.



  • Compatible with Windows 10 OS as well as Linux and Mac OS too.
  • Support .ZIP and MS Office files
  • Customizable appearance and themes


  • Slightly slower to operate comparatively

The Nomacs image viewing software is another excellent choice to view heavy photos, images and edit them at will. This image editing software supports common file types, including .PSD, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF and .RAW among others. It also features Metadata function.

Picasa Photo Viewer


  • Excellent and easy user-interface
  • Advances features include ‘Search Faces’ and ‘Find Duplicate’ functions
  • Free Software


  • Does not allow to create web albums
  • Facial recognition feature is in the basic stage

Picasa is already well-known among professional image editors who use Windows OS. The Picasa Photo Viewer is similarly excellent and allows users access to advanced features. The mobile version of Picasa Photo Viewer for Android users has become one of the top-selling photo editors on the platform.

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  • Store over 100,000 files in the extensive library
  • Customize sorting options when viewing images in a folder
  • Process RAW files easily
  • Edit .jpeg images faster


  • Live Preview functions has glitch at times
  • Comparatively larger storage space needed to install it
  • Windows Defender prompt is imminent as it is an Unsigned Application

The DigiKam image editor is an excellent choice for viewing and editing photos on Windows 10 computers. This open-source software also supports OpenGL viewer. Advanced editing functions include anti-vignette, batch operations, vibrance and HTML coding among others.



  • Supports animation files
  • Archive format support
  • Allows to view GPS and EXIF details of .jpeg images
  • Compatible for RAW and other advanced file formats


  • Can include more editing options
  • Available only in 32-bit version

The HoneyView is another excellent choice for image and photo viewing for Windows 10 users. Despite seeming basic, this image viewer support animated file extensions, such as .GIF, .BPG, .WebP and .PNG. In addition, another advanced feature allows users to directly view images in archive format, such as those with .ZIP, .RAR, .LZH and similar extensions.

FastStone Image Viewer


  • Email edited images quickly
  • Free image viewing/editing software for Windows 10
  • Efficient transition of .JPEG files to other formats


  • Lacks Color Management features

FastStone Image Viewer is an efficient way to view and edit images on Windows 10. It has certain advanced features, including adding transitional effects, photo rotation, adjusting color and heat, etc. The latest version has been upgraded to support advanced file formats, such as .TIFF, .ICO, .WMF, etc. Being completely free, FastStone Image Viewer is the choice for amateur and professional video editors alike.

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ACDSee Ultimate


  • Easy user-interface
  • Advanced Sort feature
  • One-slick Print feature


  • Free trial available for 90 days (Paid package is around USD109)
  • Cannot download installer directly

The ACDSee Ultimate is another top choice for image and photo viewer and editor among Windows 10 users. It allows viewing archived files without the need to extract them. This software allows users to remove Red-Eye, rotate images, rename files in batches, etc.

Fast Picture Viewer


  • Impressive 64-bit processing for faster use
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista OS too
  • Supports RAW images from 580 DSLR models and over
  • Integrated File Utility add-on makes it an excellent File Manager for your computer too


  • The free package is limited
  • Advanced features not included in free version

Fast Picture Viewer is ranked as one of the best image viewing and editing tools for Windows OS users. The professional (paid) version works excellently with 4K and 5K monitors for premium editing experience.


Choose the best-suited image and photo viewer app for Windows 10 from the list once you determine which of the above image viewing software has the features that are useful for your particular requirements.

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