Who Unfollow You on Twitter

Who Unfollow You on Twitter – 7 Tools to Check

Who Unfollow You on Twitter
Who Unfollow You on Twitter

Twitter has built-in analytics that can help you track your strategy’s progress. But it never hurts to use third-party apps which can help you schedule posts, monitor your followers, and check out the people who unfollowed your brand’s profile. Some are available for free, but others may require payment.

Here, you will discover 7 apps to help you track Twitter users who unfollow you.


Monitor your followers using Circleboom. This social media tool helps you identify Twitter users who unfollowed you. It does have a free version, but it only comes with limited features. If you want to unlock all of its capabilities, you have to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. Their services range from $5.99 to $119.99 per month.  This might seem a bit expensive for tracking your followers. That’s because Circleboom offers so much more than monitoring your followers.

Circleboom can help you schedule posts in advance. It comes with in-depth analytics which enables you to find fake and spam accounts from your following list. Not to mention, it also offers a white list, which prevents accidental unfollows.


  •       Manages and schedules your online content
  •       Has a business feature for large teams
  •       Has a free version

Who Unfollowed Me

Another app designed to monitor your Twitter followers is Who Unfollowed Me. Once you sign in using your Twitter account, you’ll be able to track the people who used to follow you. If you’re doing retargeting campaigns, the app should help you identify the people you need to reach out to and determine how you’re going to do that.

Who Unfollowed Me also monitors your new followers. It reminds who you should follow back and say hello to. After all, a lot of people will only follow you for a certain amount of time without a follow back. They might decide to unfollow you if you don’t reciprocate the gesture.


  •       Monitors your new followers
  •       Keeps a history of your followers and unfollowers from the moment you sign up
  •       Is available for free


Another quick, easy, and free way to manage and analyze your Twitter community is Unfollowgram. To use this tool, all you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account. Once you’ve signed up, you can monitor people who used to follow you and your new followers. If you run an Instagram account, you may also use this app to find who unfollowed you on the platform.

Unfollowgram has additional features. You can use it to gain information about the people you followed who have yet to follow you back. You may also use it to assess your followers, especially ones who you haven’t followed back. This tool doesn’t have an app. When you sign in, you can access their features from their website. It’s quite responsive and it also works well on mobile devices.  


  •       Tracks users who recently followed and unfollowed you
  •       Monitors users who you’ve yet to follow back and ones who haven’t followed you back
  •       Is available for free


A more sophisticated tool which you can use to monitor your online endeavors is Statusbrew. To start tracking your social engagements, download the app on your mobile device. Once you’ve installed it, you have to connect it to your social media networks. Then, you’ll be taken to a dashboard where you can check out its features, one of which tracks your latest unfollowers.

Statusbrew has a 14-day free trial. If you want to access more of its premium features beyond these two weeks, you will have to pay a monthly fee. Their services range from $25 to $416. However, they also have a custom feature, where they will craft a one-of-a-kind solution for your brand. The price will ultimately depend on the final output. Aside from tracking your Twitter community, Statusbrew can streamline your online endeavors. You can use it to schedule posts and gain actionable insights into your campaigns.


  •       Monitors your followers on Facebook and Instagram
  •       Has a reporting feature which lets you understand your customers, brand health, etc.
  •       Has a 14-day free trial


Ideal for brands with a smaller marketing budget, UnfollowerStats is a free tool that tracks the people who unfollow you on Twitter. As soon as you sign in with Twitter and give permission, this app starts assessing your account. It then shows you a list of people who unfollowed you, followers who you haven’t followed back, as well as the users who you followed but have yet to follow you back.

From a single dashboard, you can manage and assess your endeavors on Twitter. The tool also has a reporting feature, which makes it easier for you to monitor your progress. Through charts and graphs, you can easily assess your daily progress.


  •       Reports your stats in graphs and charts
  •       Has a responsive design
  •       Available for free

Tweet Sponge

Designed for iOS users, Tweet Sponge helps you find out who unfollowed you on Twitter. You can monitor your stats every day and figure out what led people to unfollow you. Like the rest of the tools on this list, you may use this to track your latest followers and monitor those who you don’t follow back.

Additionally, Tweet Sponge lets you track the users who you follow but haven’t followed you back. This way, you can easily unfollow them from the app itself if they don’t reciprocate the gesture.


  •       Lets you follow and unfollow users with one tap of a finger
  •       Monitors your latest followers
  •       Tracks the people you recently followed

Followers – Unfollowers

Available for both iOS and Android, this app can do so much more than just track your unfollowers. It also charts the growth of your followers. However, it doesn’t let you follow or unfollow Twitter users from the app itself.

You may also use Followers to determine high-value users and undesirable ones such as spammers and ghost profiles. You can use the app to unfollow accounts that don’t add value to your brand.


  •       Is available for iOS and Android users
  •       Charts your Twitter growth
  •       Finds ghost followers


Twitter is an excellent social network where consumers and brands can come together and offer something valuable to each other. If you check out the latest techniques, you’ll know exactly how to make the most out of your Twitter campaigns. By using social media tools, you should also find incredible ways to engage and grow your brand.

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