Whatsapp Ads

Whatsapp Ads: The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Whatsapp Advertisement

In today’s world, businesses are growing up so fast that it is almost impossible to reach the potential customer base around the world without the internet. If a local business launches advertising campaigns and offers via billboards, it can attract customers. But the businesses worldwide can not use physical means of advertising like billboards and have to opt for online advertising. To advertise the products and capture the masses, one has to use social media as there are active users on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The product can be excellent but if not advertised well, it can be a failure as the customer base will not be sufficient enough.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app all over the world and it would be a surprise if it was not available as an advertisement platform. It is believed that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now joining other social media platforms in the advertisement field and it can be a game-changer for small as well as large scale businesses as WhatsApp has reached all types of masses all over the world.

Whatsapp Ads
Whatsapp Ads

When will Whatsapp Ads Release?

WhatsApp advertisements are believed to be released in the year 2020. Some experts say that the advertisements will be seen in the “status” section of the messaging app. As of now, users can see the images, links and videos uploaded by their contacts in the “status”  section. When the user is going through the “story”  like a section in Facebook-owned WhatsApp, advertisements can pop up. Users can swipe on those advertisements to know more details about the products.

How to Set up a Whatsapp Ad Campaign?

By following some simple steps, setting up a WhatsApp ad campaign will not be a tough task. Just follow the steps mentioned by our experts.

Step 1: Setting goals for WhatsApp advertisements

  • Setting goals can help the user to map success and see if the advertisement is really helpful or not and if it is helpful, is the goal achieved or not.
  • Users should set a goal according to the requirements for the products. For example, if it is an app, the user can set a goal of 100 downloads in a month. Or users with websites can aim for more traffic on the website in a particular time period.

Step 2: Choosing the objective.

  • Choose an objective that will boost the business.
  • An objective should promote the product.
  • Choosing a good objective will attract more people for the business.
  • The right objective will increase Brand Awareness

Step 3: Go to WhatsApp Ad Manager

  • Select Ad creation.
  • User has to choose an objective.
  • In the “Message destination” section, select “WhatsApp Business”
  • Choose your audience, budget and campaign schedule.
  • In the Ad setup section, choose the images, text and headline for your advertisement.
  • Clicking confirms will publish the advertisement.

Here, while choosing the budget of the advertisement campaign, one should think about the reach and customer base that is being approached and if the potential results are good enough or not. The campaign should be scheduled based on what the customer base is being targeted. While setting up advertisements, the images, texts and headlines should be chosen carefully as that will be the first thing that customers will be seeing. It must be attractive and unique in order to draw more attention. When the advertisement is published, that is the order is placed by the user, it will be reviewed by Facebook before it goes live.

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