Best Watchcartoononline Alternatives, Similar Sites in 2021

Watchcartoononline Reviews: Cartoons are a prominent part of our childhood memories. The familiar jingle of your favorite cartoon from your childhood takes you instantly on a nostalgic journey. Apart from the rare re-run of your favorite cartoon on TV there were no ways you could watch that cartoon again. Thanks to the internet now it’s become immensely easier to rewind time to your childhood with live streaming and uploaded cartoons online.

There are numerous websites that promise high-quality and seamless streaming of popular and niche cartoon shows today. However, there are only a few from these websites that truly provide you excellent online cartoons to watch. has been a leading source for online cartoon content for millions of fans all over the world.

What is Watchcartoononline?

Watchcartoononline is a globally popular website to watch trending and old cartoons online. It provides users with an immense choice of cartoons and anime clips, videos, TV shows and movies. Users can watch cartoons and anime from all over the world easily with the excellent dubbing and sub-titles that are integrated into their shows.

Watchcartoononline is one of the top websites for cartoons and anime lovers to watch their favorite animated shows and anime. Watchcartoononline is also popularly known as ‘WatchAnimeDub’ too.


Being one of the largest online streaming websites for cartoons and anime, Watchcartoononline has had its share of issues. Despite being one of the most sought-after websites for cartoons and anime watching over the internet, the website is often reported to be down and out of order. The frequency and duration of downtime of the website have increased lately. This is a cause of frustration to millions of users not only from the US but also from other major countries worldwide.

Is Watchcartoononline Down Right Now? What Happened to Watchcartoononline? has its server based in The Netherlands. It offers worldwide services to prominently English-speaking countries, including the US, UK and Australia to name a few. The website has been reported to be facing frequent downtime that lasts for a significant duration.

According to statistics, the website had nearly 37 million users in May 2020. Watchcartoononline has its largest user-base in the US, with the country having a share of over 50% of total users. Next in line is the UK, far behind with over 8% users closely followed by Canada with 7%, Germany with 2.3% and India with 1.6% of total audience share.

Despite being such a popular website, Watchcartoononline has had its share of problems. The frequent downtime has been the result of tightening restrictions and a mix of legal battles it is fighting against claims of privacy from major production houses. At times, the website has also suffered hacking and lost a significant portion of its database.

Several countries have also banned Watchcartoononline URL and hence users of the website from such countries have to resort to using a proxy server or VPN to access it. Despite these efforts, the downtime of the website is steadily decreasing its popularity. Hence, tens of thousands of cartoon/anime lovers are searching for similar sites in 2020.

However, there is good news for cartoon lovers. There are several websites similar to Watchcartoononline that you can use to watch your favorite anime and cartoon easily.

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Best Watchcartoononline Alternatives, Similar Sites in 2021

Thanks to the increasing popularity of cartoons, now that adult audiences are competing with children, there is a plethora of choices to watch your favorite shows successfully. When we received numerous complaints and searched for solutions to the downtime affecting Watchcartoononline, we tasked our experts to find the best alternatives for Watchcartoononline.

Our experts came with a list of 10 awesome alternatives to Watchcartoononline. Here are the best Watchcartoononline alternatives and similar sites for 2020 to watch your desired cartoon and anime shows for free.



KissAnime is an excellent alternative to Watchcartoononline today. The website offers popular and latest anime shows and cartoons from all over the world. Users can access a database for HD quality animated videos through the thousands of shows on offer here.

As the name suggests, KissAnime is best to watch your favorite and globally popular anime movies and TV series. KissAnime has been optimized for smartphones so you can enjoy watching your favorite show seamlessly. However, you should also expect to see pop-up screen ads frequently as this is the free website’s source of revenue. KissAnime has been around for years now and has impressive traffic, amounting to over 40 million monthly users lately. Over half of these users are from the US who loves the sub-titled and dubbed anime movies and TV shows shown here.

KissAnime Club


KissAnime Club should not be confused with KissAnime. This one is a comparatively new website for anime lovers to watch their favorite shows for free online. Although recent, KissAnime Club has become immensely popular in a short time, thanks to its huge database and easy to use UI.

Users can choose from thousands of popular anime movies and TV series with excellent dubbing and sub-titles to enjoy their anime in the best way. This website does not feature ads and allows you to watch your favorite anime without interruption. There is an updated list of the most popular anime series on the Home Page for instant watching.

Being relatively new, there is relatively less user traffic than on other similar sites. KissAnime Club video player is immensely user-friendly and allows you to instantly share or download your favorite anime videos.



9Anime is one of the most popular online anime streaming websites today. It offers an immense selection of popular old and new anime shows. In case you do not find your desired anime show in the playlist, you can even request the admin to upload it with a simple request.

Although the user interface and experience are somewhat lacking the huge collection of anime movies and shows makes it still one of the most popular alternatives to Watchcartoononline. Although the website also allows pop-up ads, these open in a new tab on your browser so are less intrusive than on-screen ads as seen in other websites.

Despite this, 9Anime is extremely popular. Its monthly user traffic averages around 10 million users and has a huge share from the US where it is one of the top websites to watch English dubbed and sub-titled anime shows and movies.



AnimePahe is another popular and excellent alternative to Watchcartoononline for anime-lovers around the world. There are a huge number of anime series and movies offered for viewers. Most of these are dubbed in English or have sub-titles for its popular user-base in the US and UK.

The website layout makes it easy to navigate and find your favorite anime show. Its home page is also completely ad-free, making it an excellent choice to watch anime shows without pause. The single-click selection opens the video in an efficient video player that makes watching anime easiest.

AnimePahe is immensely popular and averages around 2.5 million monthly users, with a majority from US, UK, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.



CartoonCrazy is another excellent alternative to watching anime and cartoon through online streaming. It is a completely free website and does not require any sort of registration. Simply access the website and click on the desired thumbnail to watch your favorite anime show instantly. Here, users find thousands of latest and older and popular anime series and movies dubbed in English.

The user-interface is excellently designed to be efficient. It provides a comfortable user experience. Although you may see pop-up ads, these open up in a new tab on your browser so you can keep watching your anime without stopping.

CartoonCrazy has been around for some time now and has an immense user-base from the US, Canada and UK. The website sees average user traffic of 12 million users monthly.



KissCartoon is one of the most popular similar sites to Watchcartoononline. It offers a wide range of latest and most popular anime series and cartoon shows. You need to simply select the show you wish to watch as it is completely free. The home page features a clear and categorized view for efficient browsing and excellent user experience. If you wish to get notified when the next episode of your favorite anime or cartoon show is uploaded you can sign-up as a member for free.

KissCartoon already has immense popularity among anime lovers worldwide. The website enjoys user traffic ranging around 15 million users per month, mainly from the US and UK.



OtakuStream is another alternative to watch the latest anime and cartoon shows through online streaming. A well-categorized section allows you to easily browse through numerous genres to find and watch your favorite anime series or movie. The Light/Dark theme option is excellent for daytime and night-time watching without causing stress to your eyes.

OtakuStream is praised highly for its efficient user-interface. The ad-free home page and free sign-up with Facebook or Twitter account make for an excellent user-experience on OtakuStream. The in-site search engine is excellent to search and finds your desired anime and cartoon shows instantly.

Thanks to the excellent and convenient features, OtakuStream is one of the most popular online cartoon/anime streaming websites. It enjoys user traffic of over 15 million users monthly, mostly from the US, Canada, UK and Germany.

Anime Nova


Anime Nova is an excellent website for anime lovers. It has a huge collection of popular and niche anime movies. The simple text-based user-interface allows easier navigation by displaying the complete title of the video clearly.

There are no irritating pop-up ads that interrupt you on the home page of Anime Nova. The clutter-free layout of the website has a powerful search system to find you your desired anime movie in an instant.

As it mainly features anime movies, the Anime Nova website enjoys significant user-traffic with an average of 3 million monthly users visiting the website. The major portion of the user-base consists of anime-lovers from US and Japan.



AnimeShow is yet another excellent alternative to Watchcartoononline. If you are unable to access Watchcartoononline in your country, then simply open AnimeShow for a ton of popular anime series.

Although the website features frequent pop-up ads when you click on the site page the huge collection of anime series and movies makes it popular still. It has an interactive user-interface with large thumbnails and title for easy browsing. A list of the most popular and latest anime is displayed on the right-hand side of the home page to easily access the updated, new videos.

Despite having frequent pop-up ads, AnimeShow remains one of the most popular websites to watch anime shows through online streaming. It is for this reason that AnimeShow registers a monthly user-traffic ranging around 11 million users on an average. The majority of user-traffic to AnimeShow is reported from the US and UK, apart from Australia and Germany.



CartoonsOn is yet another excellent way to watch your favorite and most popular cartoons and anime shows through online streaming. There are loads of popular cartoon and anime series and movies for users to choose from. It is a completely free website that has a well-organized library for efficient browsing and selecting.

Although you may experience pop-up ads frequently on this website and may even be redirected to un-verified websites the immense selection of genres and types of cartoons/anime at CartoonsOn makes it still very popular among users.

The website is most popular among users from the US, Canada, UK and the Netherlands which contributes significantly to its monthly user-traffic that ranges around 5 million users monthly.


These are the top 10 best Watchcartoononline alternates. These similar sites in 2020 provide the best online streaming services to watch the latest, most popular or your favorite cartoon/anime movies or series.

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