Uber Customer Care Service Number

Uber Customer Care/Service Number (Toll Free Number)

Uber is an incredible ride-sharing company that operates in more than 780 metropolitan cities all over the world. This multinational cab-sharing company based out of San Francisco, California offers convenient conveyance services including ride service hailing, peer-to-peer ridesharing as well as food delivery now and electric scooters and mopeds for micro-mobility in select metro cities.

Uber is a globally popular ride-hailing service and has over 110 million users all over the globe. Uber is extremely prominent and has had such a noticeable impact on the sharing economy that it led to coining the term “uberisation” for the noticeable changes it brought about in the industry.

Despite this, or because, of its immense operations, there are times when the cab company fumbles. It is more than likely that you have had some unsatisfactory experience with your Uber ride. It took such an incident for me to try and get in touch with Uber customer care service by their toll-free number.

Uber Customer Care Service Number
Uber Customer Care Service Number

My Personal Experience & Why it is important for Every User To Have Uber Customer Care Number

Last weekend was my best friend’s birthday. Our group of friends had planned a lavish birthday bash in one of the upscale restaurants in downtown. Everything was perfectly ready and we had called ahead to ensure that our table reservations were confirmed. As it was a pretty busy weekend huge numbers of party-goers and others were out too. The restaurant policy stated that table bookings would be held until only 15 minutes from the time stated for reservation. Needless to say, I, my best friend and another friend who lived nearby had decided to catch an Uber to get there.  We knew the metro would be extremely crowded as it was a Saturday night. So, calling an Uber seemed the perfect way to reach our destination on time.

We used the ever-reliable Uber smartphone app to book a ride for three, downtown to our destination, which was almost 10 km from our location. After waiting for a couple of seconds, an Uber driver accepted the ride. According to the app, the driver was around 1.5 km from our location and the estimated time to arrive was around 7 minutes. We waited out in the corner of the main street, in clear view of the sparse traffic in our neighborhood. As we chatted excitedly about the birthday bash a little while later I happened to check the time and realized almost 15 minutes had already passed but the driver was nowhere to be seen. I checked my mobile for the driver’s call, thinking that I might have not heard the phone ring in my coat. Seeing that there were no calls at all, I immediately powered up the Uber app and was shocked and disappointed to see that the driver had simply canceled the trip.

I was starting to get worried that we would be late for our reservation as there were less than 40 minutes left if we were to enjoy our restaurant reservation. Fearing that it was not likely to catch another cab now, we decided to call ahead to the rest of the friends and asked them to get to the reserved tables on time. Needless to say, the whole group, especially the birthday boy was disappointed when they realized that we would barely have the time to enjoy our dinner once we reached. We walked to the closest metro station hurriedly and finally entered into a completely packed metro car.

We somehow managed to reach the restaurant almost halfway through our allotted time. This meant that we had to rush things along. The hurried dinner with the visibly upset birthday boy was a sorry sight for our friends. I was sure that if the Uber driver had arrived on time, we could have had a peaceful dinner we were excitedly waiting for. I was wondering why the driver didn’t even bother to pick up the 5 or 6 calls that I started making to him when I realized he had canceled the trip over 10 minutes later after accepting it. I thought it was only common courtesy to know what prompted him to act so.

I was determined to let the Uber management know of this incident and began to search for the quickest and surest way to reach Uber customer care service.

If you are a regular Uber user then I highly recommend you read on below to know the best way to call Uber Customer Care or Service Number, the toll-free number and get your queries and complaints resolved efficiently and conveniently.

Uber Customer Care/Service Number (Toll-Free Number)

Although Uber does not disclose it publicly, the company does have a toll free customer care service number. If you are a regular user of the ride-sharing cabs, then it is highly recommended you know how to use the Uber customer care service number which is a toll-free number.

When you want to talk to a customer service representative at Uber, just follow these four simple steps to call Uber Customer Care Service Numbers that is completely toll-free number:


  1. Tap on Uber app to open it
  2. Navigate to and tap on “Account” tab
  3. Tap on the phone icon on the top-left corner of the app screen
  4. A pop-up with “Speak to an Agent” appears, tap on “Call Support” button on the left

That’s it, the app will then automatically connect you with the 24/7 Uber helpline for customer care service through its toll-free number.

Apart from the Uber customer care service number, there are a few other ways to connect with Uber customer care. To use an alternate to customer care service number and get in touch with a customer representative at Uber, simply use the following tips.

Uber on Web

You can choose to contact Uber customer care service by using the official web helpdesk for Uber customers at www.help.uber.com

Uber on Social Media

If you are an avid social media user, you can also contact the Uber 24/7 social media helpline by texting on:

  • Twitter – @Uber_support
  • Facebook –@Uber.IND


Hopefully, unlike me you will always have an enjoyable experience when you book a ride with Uber. However, if in case you do need help at anytime regarding your booking or the cab, feel free to use the Uber customer care service number (toll free) number, the panic button (SOS) for emergencies as well as the Uber web help portal or the Uber help desk on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

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