StumbleUpon Alternatives

8+ Best Sites Like StumbleUpon (Alternatives) in 2020

Don’t you wish you had a way to search and discover strange and new things on the internet? Do you want to have a program that can predict the most interesting things according to your preference while browsing the vast online world? Well, this is exactly what is meant for.

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is an excellent social networking website that helps users access to arcane and incredible websites from across the internet. StumbleUpon is easy to navigate. Initially, when you access StumbleUpon the first time, you only need to state your preferences in categories that are interesting to you and also make clear the categories you wish to avoid. Thus begins the user’s journey into the interesting depths of the expansive world of the internet.

StumbleUpon Alternatives
StumbleUpon Alternatives

StumbleUpon is extremely popular as it provides an incredible amount of new and relative information, from essential infographics to rare photographs and much more to users from all over the world. It gives you access to websites that were previously out of your reach and even imagination.

The website not only helps you find extremely interesting stuff, but it also allows you to submit websites and photographs you wish to share with other like-minded users easily. It is a complete social networking site that lets users follow interesting people and events, browse the trending and popular online topics, share multimedia files (images, videos, posts, etc) with friends and other essential things.

Businesses have profited immensely from StumbleUpon’s Paid Discover program. It is one of the best tools for content creators, advertisers and marketers to use for local and international business promotion.

Having become immensely popular worldwide since its launch in 2002, StumbleUpon has unfortunately shut down its original website recently. Despite being a website that had more user-traffic than Google, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined together, after just 10 years into operation, the website lacked the progressive touch required in its design and layout which the other now-popular social media networking website, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have adopted.

The lack of advanced user-interface decreased the website’s user-growth significantly in recent years. Taking note of this, the website creators/owners have announced shutting down of StumbleUpon complete and announced the launch of Mix, a new and innovative social media networking website.

Best Sites Like StumbleUpon

In case you are a big fan of interest-based websites and miss using StumbleUpon as you used to earlier, then we have a list ready with 8+ best sites like StumbleUpon in 2020 for you to continue your discovery of new and interesting stuff online.

These are the top best sites like StumbleUpon in 2020:


StumbleUpon’s official alternate website,, is still the best way to find the most interesting things online. It allows users to create their individual collection with unique blogs and articles, audio files, video files, images, etc as well as websites as per their taste. Users can instantly share their content with other users over the website.

Apart from this, also allows users to follow friends and personalities to see what they are up to with their finds. The website has also added several categories to enhance search and discovery for users.


Currently ranked as one of the top social media networking websites, Pinterest offers an extremely easy-to-use interface and incredibly powerful search options. Although the website is mostly image-based, you can find an immense collection of videos and articles on Pinterest to pique your interest too.

In addition to a powerful search system, Pinterest allows users to instantly save interesting posts and to group them according to “boards” or customized groups.


Although a weird way to sound “discover”, is another top alternative to StumbleUpon users worldwide. The website is similarly designed to StumbleUpon and features the “Take me to a useful website” button which takes the user instantly to one of the thousands of new and updated websites in the social media site’s database.

Although the app does not have smart search capabilities to remember your search history, it does introduce users to extremely interesting content on other websites from anywhere in the world.

URL Roulette

This is another best alternative to StumbleUpon as features a unique way of discovering and sharing interesting online stuff between users. Users need to submit a preferred URL with another user in exchange to get an interesting link from the other user.

This unique concept of exchanging URLs to browse fun stuff online ensures that URL Roulette has an immense and constantly-updated database of interesting online stuff ready for users at any time.


Instagram is another popular social media networking site and app today which can replace StumbleUpon easily. Truly the world’s leading image-based social media platform, Instagram is used by over 1 billion users from all parts of the world.

Imaginative and innovative image-editing tools integrated in Instagram make every picture of professional-quality and allowed instant sharing with friends online. Apart from clicking, editing and sharing images, Instagram also features a “Stories” feature that offers direct live-streaming from your mobile or desktop easily.

Pinboard is labeled as the “social bookmarking for introverts” by its developers. It consists of a minimalistic designed website that offers instant and incredible online bookmarking services. The app is excellent for storing and organizing your online content with helpful tags.

Apart from finding and keeping your interesting online stuff well-organized Pinboard also allows you to find and follow the activities of friends and other users easily too. The app has become increasingly popular, thanks to its no-nonsense bookmarking features that provide speed and efficiency to users at all times.


Instapaper is another best alternative to the StumbleUpon website. Although not exactly a search engine, Instapaper is excellent to save interesting online content easily. Users can instantly bookmark URLs that seem interesting for browsing through with leisure at a later time.

Using Instapaper, you can now store links to articles, recipes, lyrics and videos in a well-maintained library with different categories.

Google Bookmarks

Last, but not the least, Google Bookmarks is another excellent alternative if you wish to save interesting links to read through later. Google Bookmarks is an integrated feature in almost every Android device as well as a free app for iOS and Windows users.

A simple and easy-to-use design combined with efficient searching, saving and storing features within numerous tags and categories makes Google Bookmarks an excellent way to save links to articles, videos, music, images and posts anywhere online.

Hopefully, the shutting down of StumbleUpon will not affect your search for interesting stuff online thanks to these incredible 8 best sites like StumbleUpon in 2020.

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