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Spy Dialer: What is it? How to use Spy Dialer for Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Are you frequently annoyed with anonymous phone calls? Do you wish to find out the identity of people behind calls from unknown numbers on your phone? Unwanted phone calls from strange numbers, unfortunately, affect millions of phone users from around the world every day. What is there was a common source which could provide you the information behind the unknown numbers instantly?

This is where Spy Dialer comes as the perfect solution.

What is Spy Dialer?

Spy Dialer is an innovative website which helps users to search for information about not only phone numbers but also about email addresses, physical addresses and even about people.

Spy Dialer works using the enormous information directory created by its founder, Robert Scott, an expert Private Investigator and best-selling author on tracking and investigating phone numbers. With decades of experience following-up on phone numbers, Mr. Scott and his team of expert data and web specialists have been able to create an immense database of information for literally billions of cell phones, landlines and VOIP and email IDs, including non-published phone numbers.

Using Spy Dialer is completely legal and free. The information collected from public sources consists of every conceivably suspicious cell phone number, landline number, VOIP ID and email addresses, which includes photos and other personally-identifiable information of the owner.

Spy Dialer
Spy Dialer

How to Use Spy Dialer for Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Spy Dialer website is completely free for use. It has a minimalistic design and layout which makes it incredibly easy-to-use.

So the next time you wish to know the identity and information behind any suspicious or unwanted phone number, email, address or person, simply follow these steps to use Spy Dialer:

Open website

Open the Spy Dialer website by typing in your browser – http://www.spydialer.com– before hitting Enter.

Input data 

Once the Spy Dialer website loads, you will see a small dialogue box with a search option. Here, you can simply choose the type of data you are entering (such as phone number, person, address or email) from the options over the search bar and enter the data in the space below.


Once you have entered the data in the search box, simply click on the “Search” button at the bottom.

Using these three simple steps, you can now find out every available detail and information behind suspected or unknown cell phone and landline phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and even a person’s name.

Best Free Spy Dialer Alternatives To Use For Reverse Phone Number Lookup

If for some reason, Spy Dialer website is unable to furnish sufficient information about the targeted phone number, then don’t worry, there are other equally-efficient alternatives to Spy Dialer available online.

Check out our list of the best free Spy Dialer alternative websites to use for reverse phone number lookup:


Whitepages is an excellent source for finding contact information and for performing background checks too. It allows users to search for details by name, phone number and physical address. Using Whitepages, users can find out the identity of unknown callers within seconds.


Whocallsme is another top way for phone number reverse lookup. It is a user-supplied database of phone numbers with details by those who have experienced unwanted calls from unknown numbers, telemarketers, charitable organizations, political surveyors and potential con artists across the world.

Valid Number

Valid Number is another alternative for reverse phone number lookup online. The website consists of an enormous community-supplied database with phone numbers and other details behind suspicious phone calls. Simply put in the number in the search box and hit “Search” to know the name of the owner, their physical address and other such details in seconds.


Skipsmasher is one of the top reverse phone number lookup websites today. This website is considered one of the best places to begin searching for details behind suspect or malicious phone calls. In addition, using Skipsmasher, users can easily trace the details of a person using the person’s physical address, landline numbers, etc.


Truecaller is already one of the top websites to search for details with reverse phone lookup. It’s website and phone app are popular globally due to the tens of millions of phone numbers with details stored in its impressive database. The website boasts of over 10 billion spam phone calls blocked to showcase its efficiency.

Free Cell Search

Free Cell Search website is one of the fastest, most accurate and reliable reverse phone number lookup source today. With an extensive database consisting of over 98% of cell phone numbers, this is one of the best ways to find the type of phone number (cell phone or landline), their registered location and the service provider of the phone number.

Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone Tracer is another excellent reverse phone number lookup website. You need only enter the phone number of the suspicious or annoying call (missed call too) to find out the relevant information of the owner. The website database is filled with tens of millions of landline and cell phone numbers with details of their owners for fast search.


800notes is considered one of the world’s most powerful user-powered reverse phone number directories online. Using this, you can not only find out the identity of the caller behind unknown numbers, but you can also even report telemarketers and scam artist numbers to prevent others from falling victim.


Whoeasy is one of the highly-advised reverse phone number lookup directories today. The website makes it easiest for users to search the caller identity behind strange phone numbers, and also offers prompt customer service when users need it.

Black Book Online

Black Book Online Info lists in the top alternatives for reverse phone number lookups. Apart from helping find information behind phone numbers, the list consists of enormous volumes of public records, including business owner details, criminal database records, etc.

These are the top 10 best free Spy Dialer alternative websites to use for reverse phone number lookup.

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