Speedii Review – Turn Any Website To Ultra Blazing Fast Loading, Installable, Accessible, Mobile Friendly

Speedii Review – Are you one of the 99% of website owners that are losing 77% of their website revenue to a slow website? Do you want to get free traffic and get a higher rank on google? Are you one of the website owners that are losing 52.6% of their total traffic because their websites do not have a mobile combining view and only have a desktop view? Is your website not easily available instantly o every possible medium in every possible way? Do you want to increase revenue and sales? Do you want some passive income on your website and viral traffic? Is your website accessible offline? If you want to find outstanding solutions for all the problems mentioned above, Speedii is the best solution available in the market.

In this expert Speedii review you will learn all the details and information relevant and important about what is Speedii, for whom is Speedii useful, the numerous Speedii features, the benefits of Speedii use and my final view on why you should buy Speedii from here to get exciting discounts, lucrative bonuses and numerous other freebies.

Product Speedii
Creator Seun Ogundele
Date of Publishing 29th March 2020
Time of Launch 11:00 EDT
Niche Software
FE Price $22
Link to Speedii Buy Now

What is Speedii?

Speedii turns your website into an ultra blazing fast loading, installable, accessible, offline-usable, mobile-friendly Supersite that Google loves & rank Higher in search engine with the combination of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Progressive Web App (PWA) and Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) Technologies;  in 60 Seconds.

  • With the help of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP), Speedii creates pages that are fast, smooth loading and prioritize user experience above everything else. Your website will load 80% faster which is in almost 2 seconds, with Speedii as google AMP pages are prioritized in their search algorithm.
  • Speedii offers next-level user experience with three technologies combined to provide the future of the mobile web.
  • Speedii delivers a fast native-app experience with PWA.
  • For making your website available in every medium instantly, Speedii combines PWA, AMP, and FBIA.
  • As Speedii uses PWA and AMP; an average of 72% increase in sales conversion, as well as an increase in time spent on pages, can be seen.
  • Using Speedii, users can also monetize their website with FBIA and Facebook Audience Network. FBIA can get 3x more shares than regular articles.
  • Speedii makes your website accessible offline or for a low connectivity network.

In short, Speedii solves almost all the problems that restrict 77% of your website revenue.

For Whom is Speedii Useful?

Speedii is useful for almost every profession, that uses interactive media through social media platforms or websites for the advantage of eCommerce.

  • Digital Marketers: Digital marketing professionals will find the Speedii an extremely useful tool as it allows them to make their website rank higher in search engines and load their websites faster that allows more views and traffic for their product or brand.
  • Entrepreneurs: Even online businessmen will find Speedii an excellent tool to attract genuine organic target traffic to their eCommerce as they do not need to be professionals to create more traffic and more shares of the content related to their product or brand.
  • Website Owners: Website Owners, regardless of why they own a website, need traffic, good speed of loading, and higher ranking on search engines like google. Speedii helps with these exact problems and also helps in increasing the number of shares of the content that is published on the websites.

Speedii Review – Features & Benefits of Using Speedii

  • Zero technical skills or experience are required to use Speedii.
  • Speedii turns the website into a faster, secure and lighter mobile-friendly site.
  • Speedii makes your website available on every platform instantly with the help of AMP, PWA, and, FBIA combined.
  • Speedii makes your website accessible offline.
  • Speedii suports push notifaton.
  • Speedii helps in improving the performance of your website.
  • Speedii boosts website traffic and SEO.
  • Speedii increases conversion, revenue, and sales.
  • Speedii enables SEO improvement as AMP increases the clickthrough rate of pages as users will choose the AMP page over the standard results.
  • Speedii provides high compatibility with any WP configuration.
  • Speedii provides creative tools that bring stories to life and also transform this interactive content for the mobile user interface as well.
  • Speedii allows users to monetize with demand from over 3 million advertisers worldwide, delivering relevant, high value, native formats that drive performance and engagement with the help of the Facebook Audience Network.
  • Speedii provides data from in-house analytics tools or third-party measurement services as well as statistics like how people read and engage with your Instant Articles through data Facebook provides.
  • With Speedii, a banner can be included at the beginning of your Instant Articles with links to your data collection and cookies policies which can only be seen by users residing in the EU banner.

My Final View – Why You should Buy Speedii

Taking into account, Speedii seems to be the best tool available in the market to boost SEO and ranking of your website along with making your website load faster and provide viral traffic as well as passive income from your website. Speedii also makes the website mobile friendly and accessible offline with the help of AMA, PWA, and FBIA. Speedii allows the user to monetize their content as well as prioritizes their websites for higher ranking in search engines like google.

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