Odin for Mac: Quick Guide to Download and Install jOdin3 for Mac

Mac users have been increasingly asking about the excellent JOdin3 which is now available on the Apple OS. This is a short guide that tells you all that you need to know. Read on to know what JOdin is, what are the features of Odin for Mac, how you can use Odin for Mac and also learn how to download and install Odin for Mac

What is Odin?

JOdin3 for Mac is an excellent way for Samsung Galaxy devices to connect and sync with Mac computers. Odin for Mac is designed for Galaxy device-users to root, install customized ROMs and for data recovery uses.

Odin for Mac is considered to be the perfect tool to create stock ROM and do a lot more to optimize your Samsung Galaxy device.

What is Odin
What is Odin

Features of Odin

These are several highlighting features of Odin for Mac which makes it perfect for Galaxy device users.

  • Obtains PIT file automatically with one reboot
  • Developed on the popular Heimdall tool and CASUAL-X project
  • Heimdall gets automatically installed on MacOS
  • Supports .TAR and .TAR.MD5 files to flash on the device
  • Built-in step-wise instructions for efficient flashing

Basic Requirements: Odin for Mac

Odin for Mac requires certain criteria to be completed before being downloaded and installed. Check out the pre-requisites before downloading and installing JOdin3 on your Mac.

  • Ensure to have the latest version of MacOS to allow effective syncing with your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Ensure your Samsung Galaxy device is equipped with the correct and compatible USB drivers to allow your Mac to detect and connect with your device successfully.
  • Ensure that your Mac has Java installed to help Odin to work effectively on your computer.
  • Ensure that your Mac also has Heimdall installed, as this supports in the efficient use of Odin for Mac users.
  • Ensure that your Mac computer does NOT have Samsung Kies installed as it hinders Odin from running smoothly. If you do have Samsung Kies it is recommended to uninstall it and then move on to download JOdin3 on your Mac.
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Once you have ensured that these criteria are fulfilled, you can safely move on to the steps for downloading and installing Odin for Mac.

How to Download and Install Odin on Mac

You can Google “Odin for Mac” and easily download and install it on your computer. You can even choose to download the offline version and use it online too.

Once you have completed downloading the updated version of Odin for Mac, you need to follow the simple steps to begin installing JOdin3 on MacOS.


  1. Ensure you have Java installed on your MacOS before downloading “Java Runtime Environment
  2. Install the Heimdall tool by following the on-screen instructions (download “heimdall-suite-1.4.0-mac.dmg” for Mac)
  3. Extract the JOdin3.zip file downloaded by you earlier, and save it on your drive
  4. Click on JOdin3CASUAL-r1017-dist.jar file from the extracted folder

Once completed, the JOdin window opens and you can begin using it with the impressive user-friendly interface.

How to Use Odin on Mac

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed JOdin3 and it begins to operate efficiently, you can follow the instructions below and learn how to use Odin for Mac easily.

Here, we have a step-by-step guide to help you through the process of flashing your Samsung Galaxy device.


  1. Ensure to select .TAR format when downloading ROM file, recovery or firmware
  2. Turn on USB Debugging on your Galaxy device by clicking on “Settings” -> “Developer options” and enable it
  3. Use an original USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy device with your Mac
  4. Open JOdin3 and double-click on .JAR file which you downloaded earlier
  5. Once your Galaxy device is connected successfully with your Mac, you should be able to see a green-colored “Connected” message under ID:COM label
  6. Touch the PDA button before selecting the .TAR (or .TAR.MD5) file downloaded previously to flash your Galaxy device
  7. Next, select the “Download Mode” of your Galaxy device (a simple Google search shows quick instructions to choose “Download Mode” for Galaxy devices)
  8. Click on the “Start” button to proceed
  9. Select the relevant PIT file of your device before clicking on the “Yes” option
  10. Next, begin booting your device in the Download Mode (as shown in Step 8) which lets JOdin3 to automatically select your device’s PIT file
  11. You will next get a message notifying that your device’s PIT file has been obtained, so click on “OK” to proceed
  12. Once again, click on “Start” to begin installing
  13. If you follow the instruction carefully, you will get a message notification with “PASS” displayed, else a notification with “FAILED” appears on JOdin
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Odin for Mac has proven to be an excellent tool for connecting your Samsung Galaxy device to your Mac computers. It is ideal for several essential tasks that help in syncing and optimizing your Galaxy device efficiently.

These are the top reasons that make JOdin3 for Mac an excellent rooting tool.

  • Flash Custom ROM – Using Odin for Mac, you can flash your custom ROM easily. It allows you to change or replace the contents of your custom ROM efficiently.
  • Flash Stock Firmware – Odin for Mac helps users to flash their Stock ROM/firmware. This tool is excellent to fix frequent problems, such as device crash, boot loop and others successfully.
  • Flash Kernels –Custom kernels are essential to make your device more personalized. With Odin, it becomes incredibly easy to flash kernel files by simply using the relevant .TAR file of your device.
  • Flash Recovery File –Odin is excellent for TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) recovery process. It allows you to add numerous efficiency-enhancing add-ons to your Android Galaxy device.
  • Flash ROOT Package –Using JOdin3, you can easily flash Custom ROOT packages on your Galaxy devices with your Mac computer.

JOdin has been welcomed by the tens of thousands of Samsung Galaxy device owners who use MacOS. It’s efficiency and advanced features make it an ideal choice to root Android devices from the Samsung Galaxy range.

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