Important Points to Know While Buying Embroidery Software

Before you go on to the list of best embroidery software and select one, these are the top points you need to search for in any embroidery software for Mac or PC before buying it:

Is the embroidery software compatible with your Computer and Embroidery Machine?

This is the most essential question to ask yourself before deciding to download any embroidery software on your computer. Ensure to note down the make and model of your embroidery machine and computer to check with the developer if the particular software is compatible for use.

It is a misconception that embroidery software, in general, is designed to work with every platform or device, hence it is recommended to check the compatibility of the embroidery software against your embroidery machine and computer to ensure the best buy.

What are the types of patterns and designs that the embroidery software supports?

This is one of the most important queries to ask in case you are looking to make designs of your own using software connected to your computer and embroidery machine.

Choose the software that allows you to show your creative streak effortlessly. Select the one with the maximum number of useful features, such as having stencils of popular letters, patterns and designs.

Does the embroidery software come with an efficient customer support service?

Leading embroidery software developers provide excellent after-sales support and services to their customers. There are several forums that can help you resolve some of the most common queries and issues are seen with using the particular software for embroidery designing.

The developer should have an efficient customer care service with real-time support. This is very important if you want to meet the deadlines for delivery of product in case your embroidery software suffers a problem.

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Is the embroidery software genuine?

Last, but not least, check to see whether the software you are browsing is genuine and authentic by the developers. Always make sure to keep away from sub-standard software and ensure to choose licensed software for use at all times. This verification applies to free and paid software equally.

Types of Embroidery Software

Here’s a list of the most popular types of embroidery software and apps available on the market in 2019:


This type of specialty embroidery software is also known as ‘Monogramming Software’. It is created to specialize in designing numerous types of letter fonts for stitching. There might be features that allow you to mix in other forms of embroidery along with lettering, while others may only allow you to create monograms.


This is one of the most commonly used types of embroidery software. It is designed to render your design or image into a file that is ready for stitching. As it converts your design or pattern into a digital format, hence it is called as a Digitizer Embroidery Software.


This type of app is an amalgamation of several specialties, including digitizing, vectorizing right till the stitching process. This all-around software is most useful for professionals who need to have features of all types of embroidery designing.


Vectorizers are another type of popular embroidery software today. These are designed to convert your bitmap images into a vector file format. The software puts the bitmap image through a linear conversion technique that makes it ready for digitizing efficiently.

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Best Embroidery Software for Mac and PC

These are the top 10+ best embroidery software for Mac and PC in 2019:

Embrilliance Essentials

It allows users to colorize, resize and transform designs into truly creative embroidery designing and stitching. It works excellently well with Brother SE400 and Brother PE770 embroidery machines.

Brother ELS Embroidery Letting Monogramming Software

It is suitable for professional and amateur embroidery designers. Compatible with most popular embroidery machines of today, it comes with over 40 decorative frames and 14 different decorative filling patterns.  This is an authentic Brother accessory.

Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software

It allows users to utilize single and multiline embroider text in varying font designs, There are over 35 popular and creative fonts built-in to customize your creativity even more. It is compatible only with Windows OS though.

Amazing Designs Monograms “It Stand Alone” Monogramming Software

It is a complete pack rich with an extensive range of advanced features. There are 39 built-in embroidery designs and 25 built-in monogram frames to choose from. This embroidery software also runs only on Windows OS.

Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1 Digitizing Embroidery Software

It is the perfect embroidery software for newbies. It is very affordable and has an excellent and easy-to-use GUI. Once you have mastered the numerous basic features of Level 1 then you can easily upgrade to Level 2 and Level 3 consecutively.

Embrilliance Thumbnailer Embroidery Software

It is designed for use with Mac and Windows PCs. It comes with one of the most efficient user-interfaces for embroidery software. The numerous simple to operate features makes it excellent for amateur and professionals alike.

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Amazing Designs Digitize N Stitch Software

It is one of the top embroidery software which is suitable for professionals and beginners as well. It is extremely affordable and comes with a wide range of useful features. It easily converts clip art and images into stitching designs and is one of the most popular software on the market in 2019.

Brother PE Design Plus Embroidery Digitizing/PhotoStitch Software Pack

It is one of the most advanced embroidery software and comes equipped with a PE Design Plus and Flip-Pal handheld scanner. It is equipped with Premium Embroidery Fleshtone Thread for optimal attractiveness.

Embrilliance Enthusiast Embroidery Software

It allows numerous advanced features, including multiple hooping, stitch editing, Precise Position system, Baste Hoop, instant repeat function, carousel and scatter designs among others. It is one of the best embroidery software for professionals in 2019.

BuzzXplore v2 Premier Embroidery Design Management

It allows users to organize their embroidery designs for better management, apart from helping to locate specific designs and providing extensive graphics support as well. You can easily convert embroidery formats and it also includes embroidery drive writing feature too.

Futura Photostitch

It allows users to convert embroidery designs out of photographs. It is most useful for designing quilts mostly. Despite the steeper learning curve, Futura Photostitch is a popular embroidery software today.

Let’s hope that the information given above was successful in helping you to choose the best-suited from the top 10+ best embroidery software for PC and Mac users in 2019.

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