How to Fix err_cache_miss Error in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an excellent web browser. Millions of users worldwide rely on Google Chrome for fast and efficient web browsing every day. However, the popular web browser is often wrought with errors that make it difficult to browse online.

The Google Chrome err_cache_miss error is a commonly reported issue by users. Let’s learn a little about the error and then check out the best way to fix the err_cache_miss error on Google Chrome.

What is err_cache_miss Error?

Google Chrome users, especially app developers, are reporting getting the err_cache_miss error message when attempting to test new apps. This is more common when the developers use the wrong code.

Normally, users also get the’ err_cache_miss’ error message when they visit certain websites through Google Chrome. The err_cache_miss error message on Google Chrome normally pops up as a blank, white error page with an error message reading ‘Confirm Form Resubmission’. This is followed by a secondary error message titled ‘Err_Cache_Miss’.

err_cache_miss Error
err_cache_miss Error

There are several causes that lead to users getting the Err_Cache_Miss error message when using Google Chrome.

Causes of err_cache_miss Error

These are the top causes of Err_Cache_Miss error message for Google Chrome users:

Caching System Issue

The Err_Cache_Miss error occurs when Google Chrome finds issues with the caching system of a website. A caching system is attached to each website or web-based applications. In case there is a problem in the coding of the website or web app, then the Google Chrome browser tends to display the err_cache_miss error code.

Browser Issues

The Err_Cache_Miss error message is also displayed in case your Google Chrome has internal problems. There could be bugs, wrong browser setting or a corrupted extension file in your browser that may cause it to show the err_cache_miss error code.

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Mainly, there are three situations where users see the Err_Cache_Miss error message when using Google Chrome, these are:

  1. When visiting a particular website
  2. When visiting your own website
  3. When using Chrome Development tool

The type of situation which results in displaying the error message helps to determine the best fix for Err_Cache_Miss error.

How to fix err_cache_miss Error?

Let’s check out the different fixes for Google Chrome Err_Cache_Miss error, according to the situation.

Getting Err_Cache_Miss error when Visiting Particular Website

In case you see the Err_Cache_Miss error message when trying to access a random website using the Google Chrome browser, then these are the tips to fix the error effectively.

Clear Browser Data 

The first tip to fix Err_Cache_Miss error message when trying to visit a particular website is to clear your Google Chrome browsing data. Certain files and extensions, such as cached files and cookies get automatically loaded on to your browser. In case these get corrupted, you may see the error message. Once you clear your browsing data, you should be able to fix the Err_Cache_Miss error successfully.

Uninstall Add-Ons

At times the additional toolbars or adware and spam ware may also result in causing the Err_Cache_Miss error. Once you uninstall such toolbars and remove all adware and spam then you should be able to fix the Err_Cache_Miss error effectively.

It is important to remember that if the Err_Cache_Miss error is being caused by a wrong code on the website then the above tips might not work. In this case, you can wait for a while before trying to visit a particular website once again.

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Getting Err_Cache_Miss error when Visiting Own Website

Even if you get the Err_Cache_Miss error message when you are trying to access your own website, it does not necessarily mean that the cause of the issue is wrong coding of your website. It is highly advised to try the other tips to fix the err_cache_miss error.

Uninstall WordPress Plug-Ins

The Err_Cache_Miss error message when trying to access your own website may also appear in case WordPress users have plug-ins installed with their software. In this case, users are advised to disable any additional plug-ins and try to access their websites again.

In case you are looking to improve your website, then users can simply ‘undo’ the latest changes and the Err_Cache_Miss error is usually resolved.

Getting Err_Cache_Miss error when using Chrome Development Tool

Google Chrome Development tools users are increasingly reporting seeing Err_Cache_Miss error message nowadays. The main cause for this has been determined to be bugs.

Update Google Chrome

In case you are using an older version of Google Chrome, then the err_cache_miss error can be easily resolved by simply updating your Chrome browser.

Disable Cache System

In case you are using the latest and most updated version of Google Chrome and are still getting the Err_Cache_Miss error message, then you can disable the Cache System while using the Development tool.

Follow these simple steps to disable cache system:

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + I
  2. Press F1
  3. Select “Disable cache (while DevTools is open)” option below “Network”
  4. Once done, press CTRL + F5 to refresh the web page
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Uninstall Unwanted Plug-ins

Many times, a handful of extensions tends to cause loads of problems. Hence, experts stress on their advice to remove any unneeded extensions. This might eventually resolve the Err_Cache_Miss error message when you are using the Chrome Development Tool.

Follow these simple steps to determine the unwanted extensions and remove them to fix the err_cache_miss error message.

  1. Click on the “Menu” icon at the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser
  2. Scroll your mouse pointer to the “More tools” option
  3. Click on “Extensions” from the list
  4. Select “Remove/Uninstall” from the options to remove the particular extension on your Chrome Development Tool

It is important to follow the tips to fix the Err_Cache_Miss error message as per the cause of the problem. Once you have determined the cause of the err_cache_miss error message you can easily fix the issue and browse the website and use your Chrome Development Tool efficiently.

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