300+ Funny, Clever and Cool WiFi Names For Your Router and Network SSID

Funny, Clever and Cool WiFi Names – There are times and situations when people other than your own family may wish to use your WiFi network. The mundane and generic WiFi names are boring. Why not spruce up your image by changing your WiFi routers or network SSID to something cool, creative and funny?

Although the usual WiFi names generator tools on Google will certainly help you come up with unique names, these are normal and usual. The WiFi router or network SSID name generator tool works by providing you with different combinations of 2 or 3 words.

Funny Wifi Names that will Make Your Neighbors Smile

Let’s check out some of the generally funny WiFi names that will make your neighbors smile for sure when they come across your network connection on their device.

Funny WiFi Names

  1. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  2. My Waifu
  3. The Promised LAN
  4. All Your Bandwidth Belongs To Us
  5. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  6. You Shall Not Pass!
  7. Connect with God?
  8. Help! I’m trapped!
  9. No It’s Not Free
  10. Enter The Dragon’s Network
  11. Connect to Unsecured Wi-Fi Network?
  12. Don’t even think about connecting
  13. Top Secret Network
  14. Metro Train Network
  15. Get Your Own Wi-Fi Loser
  16. This Is My Internet Damn It
  17. No Thing As Free Wi-Fi
  18. Lousy Network Connection
  19. Not Free So Use 3G
  20. WTFi
  21. Tell My WiFi Love Her
  22. Begin Loading Virus?
  23. Free Wi-Fi Does Not Exist
  24. Password Is Password
  25. Look Ma, No Wires!
  26. Get Lost Connection
  27. Not Free, Keep Looking
  28. Wi-Fi Not Connected
  29. Bro Get Your Own Net
  30. 99 Problems but WiFi Aint One
  31. My Wi-Fi Is Loyal
  32. LAN of Milk and Honey
  33. Troy and Abed in the Modem
  34. Wi-Fight The Inevitable
  35. Drop It Like It’s a Hotspot
  36. 404 Network Not Available
  37. No Wi-Fi Network in Area
  38. Occam’s Router
  39. Searching…
  40. I’m Cheating On My Wi-Fi
  41. Access Denied
  42. Unsecured Network
  43. My Neighbors Suck
  44. DEA Surveillance Network
  45. Net Secure by NSA
  46. Bill Clinternet
  47. Clinternet Eastwood
  48. C:\Virus.exe
  49. Optimus Prime Network
  50. The LAN Before Time
  51. WhamBam Thank You LAN
  52. Malware Directory
  53. I’m watching you now
  54. Network Not Found
  55. Get off my LAN
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Cool WiFi Names for Your Router

If you chuckled reading some of the above funny names for WFi routers and network SSIDs then you would love our list of 50+ cool names for your WiFi router:

  1. No More Mister Wi-Fi
  2. Silence of the LANs
  3. Simon Sez No Wi-Fi
  4. Thanks Obama
  5. My Wi Fights
  6. Need Milk
  7. Weak Connection
  8. Stop Your Damn Music
  9. Click to Connect With God
  10. Password Challenge Champion
  11. Titanic Syncing
  12. Connection Error
  13. It Hurts When IP
  14. Wi-Fi Is In The Air
  15. You are the password
  16. Network of Hackers
  17. Oops! Try Again Later
  18. Click to Call Me
  19. Prohibited Network Connection
  20. Connect If You Are Ugly
  21. Free Internet For Losers
  22. Cool Password Bro
  23. Wi-Fi Costs Money
  24. Stop Using My WiFi
  25. BatLAN and Robin
  26. Click for Dialup Internet
  27. NSA Surveillance Hotspot
  28. Click Here to Download Virus
  29. Wi-Fi So Serious
  30. Enter Wireless
  31. Now This Is a Story For All
  32. You Pay Now
  33. Need Money for WiFi
  34. Not Free Either
  35. What is the password
  36. Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi
  37. WiFi Network?
  38. Abraham LinkSYS
  39. Martin Router King
  40. The Dark Knet
  41. Bad Error: 313 Disconnect?
  42. Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
  43. Free for Today Only
  44. Area 51
  45. Let Them Use It
  46. You? Again?
  47. You are now Man and WiFi
  48. I’m Married to My WiFi
  49. WiFi’s Birthday, Please Bring Presents
  50. No Network Found. Try Again
  51. Monumental LANmark
  52. Pizza Hurt?
  53. How Have You Bean?
  54. Gang LANd
  55. Zombie LANd

Nerdy WiFi Names Collection

We also have a list of 50+ nerdy WiFi names too. Check out some of the hilarious and cool but nerdy names for your WiFi router and network SSID below:

  1. I’m NOT Single
  2. Avengers Network
  3. Only for girls
  4. Asgard Internet Realm
  5. Send Pizza for WiFi
  6. Tony Stark’s Network
  7. Don’t Hack My WiFi-e
  8. Wi-Fi the System
  9. NSA Drone #4
  10. Desperate House WiFi
  11. inSSIDer
  12. Girls Gone Wireless
  13. iHazWiFi
  14. Z Level Security Certified
  15. It’s my WiFi, not your GF
  16. Viruses R Us
  17. InterneTubes
  18. Wrong Password
  19. Your Music Is Annoying
  20. Pay now for WiFi
  21. I promise I’m not a virus
  22. Enter Card Details for Free WiFi
  23. Keep It On the Download
  24. Idiots Not Allowed
  25. Sorry, No Free WiFi Here
  26. Better Luck With the Next Router
  27. Use at your own risk
  28. Justin Beiber trivia
  29. Talk Less, Work More
  30. Guy Next Door
  31. IP Cam Hacker
  32. Snoop Don’t
  33. No Wires But Still Works
  34. Ye Old Internet
  35. Super Thanks for Asking
  36. Go Go Gadget Internet
  37. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  38. Wu-Tang LAN
  39. Clash of LANs
  40. Use this one Mom!
  41. KungFi Panda
  42. Bring Booze to Use
  43. Want a.llama
  44. iDroppin’
  45. LANmine field
  46. No Sunshine When WiFi Gone
  47. Click to get Hacked
  48. Hackers and Movers
  49. Ill-Eagle WiFi
  50. My WiFi. You are not me.
  51. Last Try Left
  52. Do you remember my password?
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Clever WiFi Names

Now that you’ve seen some nerdy names for your WiFi router or network SSID, then these amazing and clever WiFi names will surely be interesting to you:

  1. This WiFi Name Is…
  2. Just Kidding
  3. Have you read the manual?
  4. Are you starving
  5. How is my signal, call…
  6. This isn’t a public hotspot
  7. LOL!
  8. The Amazing SpiderLAN
  9. SuperLAN
  10. Josh BroLAN
  11. Virus Server
  12. LAN by the river
  13. My ex WiFi
  14. Not for you bro
  15. Entry ProhibITed
  16. I’ll tell your dad about this
  17. That’s Love
  18. Will you be staying long?
  19. Turn to page 303
  20. Click to Start Virus Download
  21. The sky is the limit
  22. My WiFi nags me
  23. Router, I hardly knew her!
  24. The Black Link
  25. Yes, what?
  26. Are you sure about this?
  27. Why me?
  28. Go somewhere else for free Wifi
  29. You are a noob
  30. Good luck and try again
  31. Most Secure Connection
  32. Stay off my router
  33. Guess? No, bye
  34. Porque-Fi
  35. LANtastic Four
  36. LANborghini
  37. Log-in Details Required
  38. EngLANd
  39. For use by idiots only
  40. Connection severed
  41. Be careful
  42. Rabbits Habits
  43. Stop looking at my WiFi
  44. My WiFi is my Life
  45. Do you even browse?
  46. I know what you browsed last summer
  47. You can’t find it
  48. No Networks Available
  49. Have a nice day
  50. Keep on trying

Harry Potter WiFi Names

We all have a little movie buff inside us. So here are a few interesting names for your WiFi router or network SSID based on puns and characters from the Harry Potter series:

  1. The Whomping WiFi
  2. Connecto Patronum
  3. The Floo Network
  4. WiFi Guardium Leviosa
  5. Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
  6. The Triwizard Internet
  7. Lord VoldeMODEM
  8. Room of Requirement
  9. Accio Internet
  10. Hogwarts Network
  11. IAmUpToNoGood
  12. Go away, Muggle!
  13. Yer a WiFi Harry
  14. The Black LinkSYS
  15. The Hogwarts School of Internet Browsing
  16. WIREguardium Leviosa
  17. Let the LAN choose its Wizard
  18. Her and Mine Ginger
  19. Order of the Phoenix
  20. The Ministry of Magic’s Secure WiFi
  21. The Mystery of Darkness
  22. It’s LeviOSA not LeviOSAH
  23. Expelliramus your Browsing History
  24. Lord Voldemodem
  25. The Patronus Charm
  26. Ravenclaw WiFi
  27. Slytherin Common Room WiFi
  28. Hogwarts Express
  29. Always a Wizard
  30. Alohomora is the password
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Star Wars WiFi Names

Now for you, Star Wars fans out there, here is a list of cool and funny WiFi router and network SSID names suggestions:

  1. Shoretrooper
  2. Suck my Force
  3. The Profundity SSID
  4. Luke, I am your WiFi
  5. Bahryn Meteorite
  6. Tantive V
  7. Cave of Evil
  8. Holonet Secure Network
  9. The Last Jedi
  10. LAN Solo
  11. Wookie Network for Rookies
  12. IGV-55 surveillance vessel network
  13. Zeta Class Imperial Shuttle Connection
  14. Archeon Nebula WiFi Galaxy
  15. The Death Star WiFi Zone
  16. The Domino Squad
  17. Concordia
  18. Queen Padme AmedaLAN
  19. Killun WiFi Station
  20. X-Wing WiFighter

Game of Thrones WiFi Names

When we are talking about pop-culture themes then the Game of Thrones fans deserve mention here. Here is a list of impressive and hilarious GoT-themed names for your WiFi router or network SSID:

  1. House LANister
  2. Kings LANding
  3. The Ping Slayer
  4. Ping’s LANding
  5. All Men Must WiFi
  6. WiFi Is Coming
  7. John knows everything now
  8. Browsing Strong
  9. Hot Wi
  10. We Do Not Load
  11. Ours is the WiFi
  12. The Night’s Ping
  13. Azor WahFai
  14. WiFi of the Dorn
  15. Khaleesi’s Konnection
  16. LANnisport
  17. The Master of WiFi
  18. Oathkeepe
  19. Wight-Fi
  20. The Site’s Watch
  21. Wi-Fire and Blood
  22. Song of WiFire and Ice
  23. Tyrion LANister
  24. Martell of Sunspear
  25. LANnister of Casterley Rock


Let’s hope one or more out of these 300+ names would be suitable for your WiFi router or network SSID names. Have fun making our friends, family and neighbors smile with the weird and funny names for your WiFi network.

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