RebrandMagz Review – Amazing Bonuses Worth Over $1000

RebrandMagz Review – Are you looking for information about RebrandMagz? Then you should read this honest RebrandMagz Review. In this article, we not only provide the important details about RebrandMagz, but we also tell you RebrandMagz benefits, RebrandMagz advantages and have added an extra bonus when you click to buy RebrandMagz here.

RebrandMagz Overview

Product RebrandMagz
Creator Dr. Ope Banwo
Date of Publishing 21st October 2019
Time of Launch 11:00 AM EDT
Niche General
FE Price $37
Link to RebrandMagz

Now that you have been introduced, let’s get into more details about RebrandMagz.


What is RebrandMagz?

RebrandMagz is an excellent way to publish your own online magazine every month.

Using this, you can easily publish your own Whitelabel magazine online each month. It offers an excellent chance to monetize your website and social media as well as increase profits remarkably. With RebrandMagz, you are entitled to not just one, but FIVE professional-designed magazine templates for five different categories, including:

  1. Online Marketing
  2. Trading/Forex
  3. Personal Development
  4. Wellness
  5. Dating

All you need to do is simple re-brand them with your brand’s name and logo and begin marketing an excellent new product. This is an incredible opportunity to attract readers and customers alike and thus increase your profits noticeably at the same time.

RebrangMagz is the perfect solution if you are looking to seek fame and fortune using customized e-Magazines.

About Author – Dr. Ope Banwo

RebrandMagz is created by popular entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Dr. Ope Banwo who is originally from Lagos, Nigeria but now lives with his family in Nebraska, USA. Apart from being an established entrepreneur and personality development guru Dr. Banwo has also worked as a successful lawyer/attorney before becoming a successful author and an expert business consultant today.

Dr. Ope Banwo has had an extensive 30+ years of experience in the business field. After becoming a successful lawyer and attorney-at-law, Dr. Banwo turned focus to business consulting and began his progressive career which made him an MD at the age of 25, and a couple of years later, Dr. Banwo started his own finance company. In the last 30 years as an entrepreneur, Dr Ope Banwo has founded or guided in establishing over 100 businesses and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businessmen around the globe.

With an impressive 3-decade long experience as a business consultant and entrepreneur, Dr. Banwo claims that RebrandMagz is one of the best creations and products for budding publishers and amateur magazine editors as well as for small and large businesses.

RebrandMagz Review – Features & Benefits of Using RebrandMagz

Knowing the incredible experience in business that Dr. Ope Banwo has, you can be sure that RebrandMagz packs some amazing features and has immense benefits as a business tool.


Features of RebrandMagz:

  • Complete User License – Complete license to rename/re-brand the magazine (including template + content) with your own logo/brand-name.
  • Customizable – Easily customize the looks and feel of your online magazine by changing/altering the design and layout of the e-Magazine as per your choice.
  • Profitable –A 5-magainze pack from RebrandMagz gives you an incredible source to become a successful publisher/editor of a profitable online monthly magazine in five different popular niches.
  • Daily Newsletter –RebrandMagz also helps you to publish a daily Newsletter and provides high-quality content to keep your readers/subscribers engaged and interested regularly.
  • Readymade Content –Regularly get over 54 pages of unique and top-quality professionally-written content in MS Word or PDF format every month.
  • Professionally Designed –Each layout and design of RebrandMagz Whitelabel customizable e-magazine is created by expert and creative professionals every time.
  • Logo Design –RebrandMagz also provides an easy-to-edit PSD file to create and customize your brand and logo into the header and content of the magazine.
  • Content Contribution –Apart from 54+ pages of content written by professional content writers, users can also choose to edit, change, replace or add the content of their own into the e-magazine easily.

These incredible features make RebrandMagz one of the most popular customizable e-magazine providers in the world. Now let’s check out the top benefits of RebrandMagz.

Benefits of RebrandMagz

  • Complete Online Magazine Solution – RebrandMagz is excellent to be published online and as a regular source of income from e-magazine.
  • Printable Magazine Solution –In addition to being an online magazine, you can also use your re-named RebrangMagz to print and sell as hard copies for increasing income.
  • Affiliate Income –RebrandMagz is easy to embed affiliate links in. This makes you a significant source of sales for affiliate partners and provides you fruitful benefits from the commission on sales.
  • Collect Ideal Subscribers –Not only does RebrandMagz help you to become a known name as an expert in the category you publish your re-branded e-magazine, but it also helps you collect and grow a vast list of subscribers who are influenced by you.
  • Advertising Income –Offering ad-space on your RebrandMagz e-magazine to sponsors and advertisers also helps you incur significant income, especially if you have a large subscriber base and are seen as a noticeable influencer in the particular field of expertise.
  • Sole Right to Online Magazine –RebrandMagz sells you the complete rights to its e-magazine content and template. This allows you to re-create and popularize your brand-name without the need of significant investment for a publishing house involved.

My Final View – Why You Should Buy RebrandMagz

To conclude, it is more than highly-advised to buy RebrandMagz now, especially if you are an amateur publisher or entrepreneur. An e-magazine is immensely impactful in this era of the internet. It is an efficient, effective and successful way to push and promote your brand, product, an affiliate advertising and earn regular monthly income as well.

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