MightyText Alternatives

6+ MightyText Alternatives For iPhone [Send Unlimited SMS From PC]

MightyText Alternatives – MightyText is an alternative for iMessages on the Android platform. One can send messages using his computer or tablet and simultaneously keep using the phone. All the incoming calls get a screen on the computer screen and the information regarding the incoming caller also gets displayed. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and families even when their phone is not available. The first step involving MightyText setup is installing MightyText on the Android phone. Post this one needs to open the app and select the desired Google account and grant the required permissions. Then press complete setup and the app gets installed on the Android platform.

MightyText Alternatives
MightyText Alternatives

Next, you need to select the way you want to use MightyText on your computer. There are two ways- when are you add free web extension on the web browser. But some people already have too many extensions on the browser and do not want to add yet one another. For them, there is the option of web app which can be downloaded. For Mac users, they have to download Growl notifications.

But if you are a newbie and don’t know about MightyText and its alternatives, you are reading the most appropriate article. Alternatively, if you are not getting the desired experiences from MightyText, you can know here the best alternatives of MightyText.

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What is MightyText?

MightyText is a great tool which allows you to Mark notifications and controls the various settings of the app such as selecting what is the function of the enter key and whether or not you want the pop-up notifications for new messages and calls. It also notifies the user about the incoming and missed calls via popups.

MightyText is a slick software and definitely the go-to choice when it comes to free desktop messaging apps. MightyText web app lets you choose between the two views available. These are the classic view and the power view. The classic view is much of like the Microsoft Outlook. One sees information regarding the color and texture in one column and the messages and calls in the next column. The power view is quite similar to the WhatsApp in today’s date.

It displays all the recent chats and conversations in one column. This allows a lot of many conversations to be seen at once. However, power view allows you to see more message details and allows you more space for formatting. Switching between these two views is quite easy. To send messages, click on the new message button and a small pop-up window appears. Similar to Gmail, MightyText also gives a small composition window which makes one to one replies very easy.

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MightyText alternatives for iPhones

Although MightyText is a great app which is probably one of the best substitutes for i-messages there are few others which also possess something unique about them and therefore are a great alternative to i-messages. Where is the list of top apps which are a good substitute for MightyText-

  • Pushbullets

Pushbullets Oppo S1 of the easiest and fastest ways to transfer files links hyperlinks list notes into your phone’s internal memory. However, it is not strictly recommended for messaging and texting. It’s a great alternative for sending the file. The main advantage is that you can select which notifications to send on push bullets and from where. Any new notification that pops-up on the phone screen is also seen on the computer. One can access the notification like dislike or discuss the notifications without event handling the phone physically. The devices tab also comes in very handy as files and messages can be sent to other devices.

  • AirDroid

Android allows you to manage and control your Android phone over your computer using Windows, Mac or web wirelessly for free. Calls messages and app usage all that’s allowed is mirrored to the large screen. The key highlights are screen mirroring, cloud synchronization and mirror backup. it is used for file transfer as it supports all different kinds of formats wirelessly on the web and even remotely. Open consent audio files, visual files, app files, lists, e-notes etc. it is also used for remote access and is a very good alternative as this does not require a root function. A secure screen sharing and phone recording are also provided.

  • AirMore

AirMore is a free fair that allows you to manage your Android device from a computer without any cables. One can control the calls and messages. The caller ID information and text information are displayed as a popup. Key highlights are GPS locating, call recording and clipboard monitoring. Airmore allows transferring files, folders, offline chat, Wi-Fi Direct. It’s also one of the most secure apps as Feel v4 works offline and no servers are involved.

  • XenApp

This application provides a messaging gateway for texting internal users and public users through applications for a number of varieties of devices for free.

  • Mysms

It is one of the most preferred MightyText Alternatives because the outlook is quite similar to MightyText. MySims primarily focuses on the messaging part. One needs to log via the Google account and do the same on desktop and other platforms to sync all the messages arriving. The major advantage over MightyText is that the free version of this app. The application also comes with the feature of call notifications and allows sending MMS.

  • Yappy

This popular messaging app brings a whole plethora of options when it comes to messaging. MMS support integration with other apps, backup and restore. These features are an added benefit over the MightyText app.


All of the above mentioned MightyText Alternatives are possible offline apps that serve as a great alternative to mighty text. Every application brings something unique to itself. Henceforth choice of the application must be made on an individual basis depending upon the needs.

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