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JioMeet Video Conferencing: A-Z Complete Guide

JioMeet Video Conferencing: How to Sign Up, Download & Features – Welcome folks! Did you hear about the JioMeet for the first time? If yes, you are not the only person as this is something new that is coming up in the next few days. JioMeet is an upcoming new video conferencing app that is backed by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries. If we take a look at Jio’s journey so far, Jio does bring a change in the product they launch. So what would be special with JioMeet? Well, this article will give complete detailed information about JioMeet. 

What is JioMeet?

As we said earlier, JioMeet is a video conferencing app that will take on the current market players like Google Meets, Zoom and Skype. As the world has shut due to pandemic, the video conferencing apps have seen massive growth. Due to pandemic, most of the world is under lockdown and video conferencing is the simplest way to stay connected with friends and family. Also due to work from home, millions of people are conducting their office meetings using these apps. On 30th April 2020, Reliance Jio during their quarterly results announced the launch of JioMeet. 

Jio Meet App
Jio Meet App

Jio Meet App Download

As per reports, the Jio Meet app will be a cross-platform device and will work on any device with any operating system. From mobiles to desktop, the Jio Meet can be used on all Android, iOS, macOS. To download the app, visit the Play store / App store and search for Jio Meet. Download and Install the app and enjoy video conferencing with your friends and family.

How to Sign Up/ Sign In To Jio Meet?

The official word is yet to come. But as per the sources, the users can Sign up to Jio Meet using mobile number or Email ID. Simply enter the mobile number or email id and verify it with an OTP. Following these simple steps, you will be able to create your Jio Meet ID. Share this ID with people who you want to video conference and enjoy conferencing. 

Jio Meet vs Jio Meet Business: What exactly the difference is?

As per reports, Jio is expected to launch Jio Meet and Jio Meet Business. The exact name will be known once the app gets officially released. So what is the difference between the two?

Jio Meet will be free and available to all users while Jio Meet Business will be paid and can be accessed by paid users. This was basic, right? The Business Account will come with more features than a regular Jio Meet. It is rumored that Jio Meet will allow 5 people to video conference while Jio Meet Business can be accessed by 100 people at a time. So Jio Meets Business will be helpful for business purposes more than anything. Any office meetings or educational classes can be held using Jio Meet Pro or Jio Meet Business. 

Jio Meet Business / Jio Meet Pro Pricing Plans

The pricing has been something that Jio is known for. Jio has been following a  low pricing model to get into a competitive market. As of now, there are no reports or rumors regarding the pricing and we will have to wait till the official announcement is made. 

Jio Meet Features

Jio Meet is a project by Reliance Industry, the richest firm in India. To become an undisputed video conferencing app, it is expected that Jio will come up with some great features. 

  1. Create Ad hoc calls
  2. Switch calls from one device to another device
  3. Join a meeting as a guest
  4. Add Preferred contact to starred
  5. Dial to VC Room directly
  6. Ability to call a channel
  7. The user can schedule a meeting
  8. Jio Meet has the ability to video conference with 100 people at a time.
  9. Integration of education and eHealth Apps

Integration of the eHealth app with JioMeet means the user can connect with doctors virtually, get prescriptions, place medicine orders. While a user can connect to his virtual classroom using eEducation app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to answer most asked questions by our readers. If you have a new query then please comment down your question, we will try to answer your question within 24 hours.

Jio meet does not launch on my phone says CAN’T be launched in rooted device

SO many are nowadays facing this issue. To resolve this issue download the Magisk Manager. Try using the rename magisk package option. This should solve your problem.

How to delete my JioMeet account?

Login to your account. In your account, there is an option “Close Account”. A confirmation dialog will pop up asking “Do you want to close your account?” Click Yes to close your JioMeet account.

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