Jio Glass

Jio Glass: Complete Guide, List of Features with Price

There has been a significant hype regarding the Apple Glass, but as of today Reliance has announced the new Jio Glass at the online virtual AGM. Reliance Jio Smart Reality Extended Reality (AR) will go online and offline this year in India. This product has created so much hype in Indian news that many are wondering what the product is, how it can be used and what will be the price of the Jio Glass.

Jio Glass
Jio Glass

What is a Jio Glass? What does it do?

Reliance Jio presented her latest developments: Jio Glass is committed to offering her customers a combination of reality management and lively dating. Jio Glass shows the scales at just 75 grams, has a built-in sound frame and can certainly be combined with all mobile phones, said Reliance in the delivery. A video appeared while Jio Glass also had 25 working apps.

Jio Glass Features

Jio Glass highlights 3D video calls connected to your mobile phone. It offers combined reality content and over 25 integrated applications. Customers can share presentations with these AR glasses on a virtual screen. Jio Glass is an innovation leader who would lead world-class mixed reality administrations to provide customers with a truly meaningful and dynamic experience.

These new glasses are designed for teachers and high school students to guide virtual 3D spaces and guide holographic lessons in a progressive and sensitive way through Jio’s combined reality cloud.

The Jio glass weighs only 75 grams and accompanies the best personal sound moments. To access a substance in this ingenious device, there is a direct connection that can be connected to your mobile phone. There is a unique and high tech camera on the front of the headset, and the glass resembles all other standard sunglasses, despite the thicker ones.

With these AR-based glasses, you can call and say hello Jio, please call [name of person A]. In addition, customers can participate in the video call with the holographic video call option and the 2D video call option. Above all, Jio Glass will continue to fine-tune the partnership as Jio 5G will soon be promoting video conferencing directly to the customer. Jio will test 5G in India when the spectrum gets auctioned.

It will be accessible to both individual users and organizations in India. The worldwide shipping of Jio AR glass is also expected to be reported soon.

Jio Glass Price

Jio has not mentioned when Jio Glass will be delivered to customers or what will be evaluated. For reference, Snap Spectacles in India will cost Rs 29,999 which means the price of Jio Glass will be lower. Jio Glass costs approximately $ 200 (INR 14,000).

Jio Glass Release Date

Jio Glass will start shipping in the month of August.

Jio is also partnering with Google to create another Android-based operating system for its Jio phones. Google and Jio are working together to create a framework that can operate an integrated 4G / 5G mobile phone. Google separately invests $ 4.5 billion in the Jio phases for a stake of 7.7%.

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