Install CAC Reader for Mac

How to Install CAC Reader for Mac

How to Install CAC Reader for Mac – If you are still searching for the best ways for “How to use MAC in a PC?”, then you first need to have a CAC smart card reader. In this article, you will come to know everything around the CAC card reader.  You will know “what is CAC card reader for Mac”, “How to Install CAC card reader for Mac” and how to use CAC card reader for Mac as well.  Several brands of CAC smart card reader are available in the market, so you may have confusion while you going to buy CAC card reader.  But once you go through this article, you will get the complete knowledge base for how to buy CAD card reader online. Next, there are some key precautions, you may take while purchasing a CAC card reader.

Install CAC Reader for Mac
Install CAC Reader for Mac
  • Make sure your preferred CAC card reader is compatible for MAC OS, Windows OS (7/8/10/XP/Vista) of 32/64 bits. Many CAC card readers are also there in the market which works well with earlier MAC versions but not with the latest versions.
  • Your smart CAC card reader should be supportable for banks, post offices, and chip cards issued to be used for across the country.
  • Before fixing any deal with the seller, you should once make sure for the refund. In case, you face some kind of tech issues or physical damages, you can get refund the cost of products from the sellers.
  • Before buying a Common Access Card (CAC), you should cross-check that all the drivers are accurately placed. Many times, the issues may be different.   Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to ask the warranty card with your CAC reader for Mac.

Next is the section which let you know “What is CAC Card Reader?” & “How to Use CAC card reader for MAC ?”

What is CAC car Reader for MAC?

CAC or common access card is a smart card issued by the United States Department of The defense used by multifactor authentication. CAC cards the used as standard identification of on-duty military officer, reserve personnel, civilians, and non-DOD government workers. CAC card also identifies the National Guard and eligible contractors. This can also be used as an ID card to access computer networks and government buildings.

Common Access Card looks like a standard debit card which has a pre-inbuilt microchip. It enables users for encryption and cryptographic signature of an email. Additionally, it is also utilized as a Public Key Infrastructure authentication tools.  Users are authenticated by their digital images, two digital fingerprints, PKI certificate, social security number as well as an organizational affiliation.

When the CAC cardholder inserts the card into a smart card reader, h/she is asked for their associated PIN. Once the user entered a PIN, the smart card reader uses standard internet protocols to match the data on the CAC card’s chip with the data on the server. Once the data is matched, the software authenticates the user to access the network otherwise. During the whole session when a user accesses PC, the card stays in the smart reader. Once it is removed from the reader, the system becomes inaccessible again for invalid users.

If you have Mac OS, you can install the smart card reader for Mac.  In the next section, you will know how to install a CAC reader for the Mac operating system.

How to Use CAC Reader for Mac?

If still wonder how to use CAC card reader for Mac, here we have listed out some effective steps. Just follow step by step—

  • But before getting started, you should make sure that you already have a Mac supportable CAC card reader. If you already have, then you can start now.
  • First, cross-check that your CAC card reader is perfectly connected and recognized by your Mac PC. To do this simply head to “About this Mac”, then select “More Info”, then proceed to “System Report” and Hardware.
  • From Hardware Tab, click over USB, and then click USB plus.
  • Now click on SCRx31 USB Smart Card Reader.

Once you follow all these steps, you have done almost.  Users are also recommended to use Safari, internet browser as it works properly with Mac OS.

  • Now next how to authenticate yourself with CAC smart card reader—
  • Launch/Open Safari internet browser
  • Head over to File. Then click on New Private Window.
  • Now open AKO and Login with your CAC card. (If you don’t have AKO account, you need to register here)
  • Select your CAC certificate. Then, click “Continue”.
  • Now enter your PIN in prompted Window (PIN was created when you were assigned CAC card)

How to Install CAC card reader for MAC?

Before going to install CAC card reader for Mac, you should once make sure for the following—

  • Your Card reader should be compatible and supportable with Mac. Check whether your Mac accepts the reader or not.
  • Cross-check your Mac OS and CAC card version. Replace the outdated version with the latest one. You should also update your DOD certificates.

If you have already done the same, you are eligible to follow these steps to install CAC card reader for Mac.

Step-1: Purchase Mac supportable Card Reader

Several card readers are available to buy online and offline. Since you required CAC card reader for Mac, you need to buy the MAC friendly card reader. In case you already have card reader, but it’s not Mac supportable, you can update the firmware. However, it’s very difficult for non-tech savvy personals. So, It’s better to purchase the latest CAC card reader which is Mac compatible.  

Step-2: Plug-in Your Card Reader

Once you avail the best quality Mac friendly Card Reader, your next step is to plug-in your card reader. Also, make sure your PC has accepted the CAC card reader. In case your card reader is not working well, there might be an issue with your DOD certificates.

So, you need to update DOD certificate.  But you never need to worry if you don’t know how to update DoD CAC card reader. In the next section, you will know about the effective DIY steps to update DOD certificates. If you are a Chrome or Safari user, you just need to follow these steps—

  • Press (Shift + Command + U) to access the utilities.
  • Now search for the Option “Keychain Access” and Right-click over it.
  • Next, select Login and go to All Items
  • Download the four files named as Mac All Certs, Mac Root Cert 2, Mac Root Cert 3, Mac Root Cert 3.
  • Once you download all required files, you need to double click each one to install them in your Keychain Access.

Except if you are a Firefox user, you need to follow these steps to install CAC smart reader in your Mac PC

  • Download AllCerts Zip file
  • Once you download the zip, you need to unzip files by double click.
  • Search for Firefox on the top left and then click “Preferences”.
  • Next, you need to follow this path: “Advanced”, then select “Certificate”, and then after “View Certificates”.
  • Click now on “Authorities”. Then choose the option “Import”.
  • Finally, you are required to import all files from AllCerts folder.
  • Now check all the three boxes and click “OK”.

Step-3: Download and Install CAC Enabler:

  • First, download the ZIP files and unzip the folder by double click.
  • Next, press and hold down the button “CTRL” and Click the program.
  • Now choose the “Open” and continue the installation process.
  • After successful installation, now you need to restart your computer.

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