How To Print Screen on Chromebook (Quick Guide)

Printing screen is nothing but taking a screenshot. A screenshot is the image of data displayed on the screen of a device. Printing screen is helpful when a user needs to show someone else the processes, functions or applications that are running on the device. It can be seen on a screen and can be captured. Users print screens of devices to show glitches in the application to developers or to show how something is done on the device by capturing the procedure step by step in screenshots.

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Every device has different ways to print screen. For Chromebook, users can follow the given steps and print screen.

4 Ways To Take a Screenshot on Chromebook

1.Using the keyboard:

There are a few ways that can be used to print screen on Chromebook with a keyboard.

  • For printing the entire screen, press Control + Window Switch key.
  • For printing only a specific part of the screen, press Control + Shift + Window Switch key and then select the area of screen to be captured with the cursor.
  • While using an external keyboard, press Control+ F5 and then Control + Shift + F5 respectively.

2. Using side buttons:

  • When using the Chromebook in tablet mode, it can be inconvenient for the user to use the keyboard just to print screen. To avoid this, like any Android phones, the user can press power + volume down buttons and the screen will be printed.
  • The orientation of the screen will not change the orientation of volume buttons in the tablet mode which means, the user will need to remember which button is for lowering the volume.
  • These buttons print the entire screen. User will still need to use keyboard if only a particular part if the screen needs to be printed.

3. Using a stylus:

For users who have a pen, there will be a menu of tools available for users in the lower right corner of the device. Using the given menu, user can either print the entire screen or can select the portion of the screen that needs to be printed with the stylus and print that part.

4. Using external applications:

If the above methods do not work, users can download and install applications that print screens. We have listed few applications which can help your cause.

  • Fireshot
  • 1Click Screenshot
  • Awesome Screenshot

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