How To Fix Mac Error Code 43 (Complete Guide)

All over the world, the most preferred operating system after Windows is Mac. Most of the operating systems have errors that frequently occur and users need to find a way to resolve them. Mac is not an exception to this statement. Mac has many troubles or problems in which user has to deal with the issues about Mac not turning on or Mac not starting up, issues related to permissions etc. Here is a guide to deal with error code 43 on Mac.

What is Mac error code 43

Mac error code displays the following statement, “The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found”.

This error appears mostly when a user is deleting files or relocating files to a different directory. This error does not appear on everyone’s system and is can be easily resolved.

Causes For Error Code 43

There are many reasons why this error can appear. Even though users do not need to know the complex and purely technical reasons, users can simply get to know the non technical causes of this error as to avoid it or fix it.

1. Naming the files:

User should avoid using some characters that are considered to be illegal in the case of error code 43. These characters include $^%#!@. When moving files, user should check and rename the files having such illegal characters if the error code appears.

2. File not found:

If the file has no shared point, a system cannot access said file.

3. Incompletely downloaded files:

Before moving or deleting any file, the user must check if the file is downloaded fully or not. If it is incompletely downloaded, the error code will appear.

4. Locked files or files that are being used or need permissions:

To move or delete files, in order to avoid error code 43, user should make sure that those files are not locked or not being used at that moment. If those files need specific permissions then user should have those permissions to access the files otherwise error code 43 will appear.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 43

If user has already taken the precautions mentioned earlier and still dealing with error code 43, there are some solutions which can help.

1. Resetting the PRAM or NVRAM

PRAM means Parameter Random Access Memory and NVRAM means Non Volatile Random Access Memory. These are the memory sections used by Mac to save some settings to access them quickly.

1. Shut down Mac PC normally.

2. Locate the Command, Option (alt), P and R keys while PC shuts down (to save time in the next steps).

3. Turn on the PC again.

4. Press Command+ Option + P + R keys simultaneously before the startup screen shows up.

5. Keep these keys pressed until the startup sound is heard three times.

If the startup sound is not heard by the user, the given steps can be followed in the given order again and again until it is heard. If this does not work, there are few other methods too.

2. Using disk utility tool

1. Restart the PC.

2. After the PC restarts, press and hold Command + R key until Apple logo appears.

3. Click on the disk utility option.

4. Select the disk that is to be used for moving files and press First-Aid button.

5. Continue with disk utility check process.

Disk utility might show some reports and user will have to take actions accordingly.

Some possible reports and what user needs to do about it –

Disk is about to fail : Backup all the data and replace the disk with a new one.

Overlapped extent allocation: This report says that files are overlapping the same spot. The user should repair or delete the corrupt files by locating them in DamagedFiles folder.

The underlying task reported failure : First, user needs to run the First-Aid tool. If that does not work, user should backup the data and format that disk.

3. Deletion of locked files

1. Turn on the system and follow the path – Application-> Utilities-> Terminal.

2. Type and execute “chflags -R nouchg” command in the terminal.

3. Double click the trash icon, press Command+ A key to mark the files that user wants to move and then drag those to the terminal.


So friends, these were the three best solutions to fix the error 43 on your Mac OS. We hope that these solutions must have solved your problem. If you have any query, do comment down your problem and our team will reply you as soon as possible.

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