Gmail Strikethrough

Gmail Strikethrough – Know How to Strikethrough Text in Gmail

Gmail Strikethrough – Know How to Strikethrough Text in Gmail – Are you curious to know Gmail Strikethrough? Well, this feature is not available in Gmail but that does not mean the site is incompatible. Here we are sharing a complete article about how to Strikethrough Text in Gmail.

Gmail Strikethrough
Gmail Strikethrough

We all are familiar with Gmail. We all have multiple accounts of Gmail. We use it regularly for all sorts of work which includes work in the office or home. Gmail is a free email service which supports advertising. The email service is developed by Google and has 1.4 billion active users all over the world.

As we mentioned earlier, Gmail is used for multipurpose. Writing a good Email is a skill which is also an important factor in the corporate world. So many people prefer formatting text which is a key section while writing content online. Formatting Text makes a huge difference in how the output content looks. A well-formatted content is influential and approachable to the receiver.

How To Do Strikethrough Text in Gmail

The Formatting Text box can be found at the bottom of every Gmail composition. The box includes font size, color, bold, Underline, attachment and many more similar options. But one option which you might not find is Strikethrough in Gmail. Even though the site does not provide this feature, it does not mean that the site is incompatible. Using a few other programs we can Strikethrough text in Gmail.

  1. Log into Google Docs or open MS Word.
  2. Write the content which you desire to Strikethrough. Select it and click the
  3. Press Ctrl+C to copy the selected Text.
  4. Go to Gmail and compose an E-mail. Ctrl+V to paste the text copied in Word/Google Docs.
  5. Write the rest of the content of your email. Set the font size and color using the text formatting options available in Gmail.

Thus, even though, Gmail does not provide Strikethrough in Gmail, we can Strikethrough Gmail using some tricks. This was all about How to Strikethrough Text in Gmail. Feel free to ask any additional questions related to the article in the below comment box.

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