Garageband for Windows

Garageband for Windows PC (Free Download) in 2020

Garageband for Windows PC – Garageband is one of the most popular music apps on iOS. Trusted and preferred by amateur and professional musicians alike, Garageband offers to create and store your tunes effortlessly.

The Garageband line of digital audio workstations is excellent for creating music and podcasts for iOS users. There is a wide range of built-in MIDI keyboards, loops and numerous essential instrumental effects as well as voice recordings in Garageband that are necessary to create excellent, innovative music on the go.

However, due to it being originally designed for the iOS systems, users of other operating systems, such as Windows felt the need to have Garageband for Windows PC too. This has prompted expert developers from around the world to create ways to download Garageband for Windows PC free in 2020.

Garageband for Windows
Garageband for Windows

Features of Garageband for Windows PC – Why to Choose Garageband

When you are able to download Garageband for Windows for free, you will realize the impressive array of features that help to generate the best-selling tunes that professional musicians seek.

Check out some of the features and benefits of downloading Garageband for Windows PC and why to choose Garageband:

  • The easy-to-navigate user interface makes creating tunes easy for beginners
  • Choose to create completely signature-style tunes and jingles
  • Use a virtual keyboard or connect your favorite external keyboard using the USB cable with Garageband app for Windows
  • Use trigger options for live loop cells with multi-touch features
  • Now record, play and capture to share your music worldwide effortlessly
  • Extensive range and categories of built-in sound effects for DJs, including repeaters, fillers and vinyl scratching
  • Create over 1 million unique tunes
  • Choose from 9 electronic or acoustic drums for their peculiar sounds
  • Highly-advised for music lovers and professional musicians

Now that you know the impressive features of Garageband and why to choose Garageband for Windows PC, let’s check out what you need to have to download and use the app on Windows OS.

Requirements for Garageband for Windows

This is the list of requirements for using Garageband for Windows PC:

  • Operating System – Windows 7 and above
  • RAM –>4 GB
  • Processor –Intel i5 and above
  • Disk space –>2 GB

If your computer has the above requirements then see the section below and find how you can easily download and install Garageband on Windows PC.

How to Download Garageband for PC Using iPadian

iPadian is an excellent way to search and download Garageband on Windows PC. iPadian is a reliable simulator software that transforms the Windows user-interface to resemble an iOS interface. This is only a visual transformation and iPadian does not affect the PC’s functions or essential programming in any way.

Check out the four simple steps to download Garageband on Windows PC using iPadian successfully:


  1. Download & Install iPadian simulator software – Open this link –– to download iPadian simulator software on your Windows PC first. Once the file gets downloaded successfully, install the executable file to install the software and run the iPadian Emulator.
  2. Open iPadian for App Store –Once iPadian software is successfully downloaded and installed by following the simple on-screen instructions, you need to double-click on the icon to open iPadian and access the iPadian Emulator.
  3. Search & Download Garageband App –Using the iPadian Emulator to access the App Store, you can simply type in a query in the search bar on top to find the Garageband app on the App Store. Once you find the app, choose to download it on your PC.
  4. iPadian Emulator Opens Garageband –Once the music software gets downloaded successfully, you can use the iPadian Emulator to use the Garageband app successfully on Windows PC.

Now, the Garageband app is ready for you to explore and use on your Windows PC thanks to the iPadian Emulator software.

Garageband Alternatives – Best Free Alternatives to Garageband

In case the Garageband app is unable to work on your system, then there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of alternatives to Garageband for music lovers.

Check out the list of the top and best free alternatives to the Garageband app:


Audiotool is one of the best free alternatives for Garageband for Windows users. This web-based application helps users create music on the go. Apart from extensive editing options, Audiotool also lets users share their creative tunes instantly online through popular social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio is another excellent and free alternative to the Garageband music creation app. This music-editing app is designed to help professionals and amateurs use real-time effects, virtual instruments and o700+ loops and sounds to create their very own and unique tunes anywhere.

Music Maker Jam

The Music Maker Jam software is yet another top free alternative to the Garageband music app. Available for Windows, Android and iOS users, Music Maker Jam contains four music genres which can be altered monthly. Numerous in-app purchases ensure that you never run out of sounds and additional editing features.

These are the top three free alternatives to Garageband for Windows PC users in 2020.

Garageband not working? – Possible reasons to fix Garageband Issues

Apple users often report problems with using Garageband on their iOS systems. There are numerous reasons that can result in an inability to use Garageband normally on Apple computers.

Here are the top two reasons that your Garageband is not working –

Outdated iOS version 

When users initially began reporting an inability to use Garageband on their iPhone, iPad or iPod the main reasons were found to be outdated iOS versions. Garageband is optimized for use with Apple devices that have iOS 11 or higher. So make sure that you have the latest iOS version before choosing to download and use Garageband on your Apple devices.

iCloud Sync issue

Many times, the reason for iOS users being unable to use Garageband on their Apple devices has been the connection with iCloud. For resolving this issue, you will need to access your device “Settings”, then choose the “Apple ID banner” option and tap on the “iCloud” icon. Then navigate to “Apps Using iCloud” option in the list before toggling the switch to “Off” position underneath the Garageband icon. Although this only restricts Garageband from storing new tunes on the iCloud, these will be now stored locally. However, your tunes stored in the iCloud are still safely stored and easily accessible.

Outdated Garageband version

Another reason for being unable to use Garageband on iOS could be that the version installed on your device is an outdated one. Open the App Store and check the “Updates” section to see if the latest version of Garageband is available.

Software or Device Incompatibility

Ensure that any external audio device connected with Garageband on your iOS device is compatible to work with it. This can be easily found from the external device’s manufacturer’s customer support.

Malfunctioning or Incompatible Audio Unit Extensions

At times, a malfunctioning or incompatible audio unit extension connected with it could also cause problems with using Garageband on your Apple device. To remedy this, simply long-click/tap on the extension icon till it wriggles. Next, click/tap on the small ‘x’ symbol in the upper left corner to delete the extension. You should then try to run the music app and ensure that it runs without errors.

Musicians are looking for new and efficient ways to not only create amazing tunes but also to share these awesome tunes with friends and fans easily. Using music apps such as Garageband budding and professional musicians alike can now create music on the move and share their tunes with the world instantly.

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