WOW51900319 Error

5 Methods to Fix WOW51900319 Error [Solved]

Are you also the one facing the error code WOW51900319 while playing World of Warcraft, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game? Then, don’t need to be distressed as you are not alone for facing this issue code. Lots of WOW game lovers are complaining to fix the WOW51900319 Error. Before, fixing we must know what this error code means and what are the root causes throwing this issue.

What is a WOW51900319 Error?

While playing the game, if you encountered with WOW51900319 Error, It means you are disconnected from the WOW game server. Shifting to other files or programs, incremented latency network requirement and Frames per second (FPS) may possibly the root cause of the error coded as WOW51900319.

WOW51900319 Error
WOW51900319 Error

Here are the 5 working methods to permanently fix this issue –

Methods to Fix WOW51900319 Error

Users are recommended to go through the all these troubleshooting guidelines recommended by the Bizzard (World of Warcraft Game Developers) itself. Users can get started with FPS fixing process

Fix Frame per Second (FPS) to 30

FPS configuration is the most common fix to remove the WOW51900319 Error. The biggest game manufacturing company, Bizzard recommends users to first check FPS configuration and upgrade to 30 per seconds as per the requirement of World of Warcraft to run with smooth manner. Just by following these steps WOW users can conveniently configure the FPS settings—

  • Press the ESC button to head to the Game Menu
  • Move to System Tab
  • On System Tab Window Click on “Advanced” at the left sidebar
  • Enable the slider named as “set Max background FPS”.
  • Set FPS scale up to 30t and Click on Apply, then hit the OK button.

When Graphics on each frame is improved in that case it becomes hard for the Internet to follow Game server instructions and therefore, it causes to throw exception error “Network Disconnected” with WOW51900319 Error code”

Ethernet Cable Installation

Increased network latency requirements are also one of the root causes of WOW51900319 Error. Users can use Ethernet cable to connect with the internet for better speed and stability. This will lead to reducing the occurrences of network fluctuations while playing the game. Users facing the WOW51900319 Error are therefore recommended not to use any wireless connection to play World of Warcraft game. If you still facing this error even after using Ethernet cable, you need to follow some other alternative fixes.

DNS Cache Flushing

DNS or Domain Name Server stores the IP Address of the website. All the IP addresses of the website visited by the users are frequently maintained in the DNS cache. The existence of wildcat domain names in the DNS may lead to DNS Poisoning which further causes to DNS corruption and WOW51900319 Error. Therefore, the users can flush the DNS cache to get rid of the issue.

Here are some simplest steps to follow and fix the WOW51900319 Error

  • Hit the Key combination of Window + X to launch the command prompt window with your admin account.
  • Now Type this DOS command — ipconfig/release. Now hit Enter.
  • Your given command will be executed now. Again hit the command – ipconfig/renew and press Enter.
  • Command will be executed and throw the message about IP Address re-establishment.
  • You have to again type a new command—ipconfig/flushdns. Now hit Enter.
  • Now close the page and establish your internet connection.

These working steps can clearly and conveniently delete the entire corrupted files and unwanted list of IP addresses which will obviously lead to fixing the WOW51900319 Error.  But in case the problem is still the same, you need to use the next troubleshooting method.

Resetting of User Interface

Some bloggers also commented that they resolved the WOW51900319 Error by resetting the user interface. If the above 3 methods are not working, you may also try this way to get rid of the WOW51900319 Error.  Below are the simplest troubleshooting steps for how to reset the World of Warcraft User Interface—

  • Completely close the game and cross-check the background too.
  • Uninstall add-on- managers applications
  • Head to
  • Hit the Option and Choose “Show in Explorer” in Windows. If you are Mac OS user, you will see the “Reveal in Finder” option to click.
  • Move to World of Warcraft folder and rename the Cache, Interface and WTF folders with the name as you wish.
  • Again Launch the World of Warcraft Game Application

Hope this method will cheer up by resolving the WOW51900319 Error. In case you still have the problem, try another alternative listed next.

Re-installing the World of Warcraft

If none of the above methods are working to resolve WOW51900319 Error, the final solution is to re-install the game. Re-installation encompasses the simplest steps but users need to have a backup of the game data on your account to avoid any sorts of data loss.

  • Once after taking a backup, you can move on to uninstall the WOW game application.
  • Don’t forget to clear the cache files
  • Restart your system now.
  • Next, you can download and install the game app (Download the game only from the official website).
  • Once after successful installation launch the app now.
  • Login to your account and retrieve the entire backup data.

Users need to be careful while employing this method to fix WOW51900319 Error.


We are also consistently searching for more ways to find the best possible fixes to remove WOW51900319 Error. We also would like to hear you from the below comment section. Share your valuable feedback and your personal experiences with the above methods to fix WOW51900319 Error.

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