Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

[Solved] How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

Windows Update Error 80070103 – This Error generates when you are installing the latest window update. However, it’s a good idea to keep your windows device running fast and smoothly. The error may frustrate you because it’s not displaying details about the reasons for occurring and how to troubleshoot. Here, you’ll find the simplest way to fix Windows Update error 80070103. In short, the Error code 80070103 simply means that you’re reinstalling the existing driver in your PC. Secondly it’s also the possibility that you are trying to install the lower compatible driver than the one which is already installed in your PC.

Before getting started, you should know that the problem is nothing serious. If you are facing this problem, you aren’t alone. Many people face such sorts of problems during when they’re trying to install the latest window update. Just by following the below simplest steps you can troubleshoot the Window Update Error 80070103.

Fix Windows Update Error 80070103
Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

Hide Your Existing Update

If your device driver is in good health and running smoothly means it’s not necessary to replace it with the new one. While installing the latest window updates, you need to hide the existing update. It’s due to letting the new update easily installed in your PC. Here are the few steps to follow—

  1. Go to Control Panel. Select All Control Panel Items. Then click on Windows Update. As an alternate option, you can press Window button and search for “Window Update”.
  2. In Window Update location click on “Check For Update” at the top from the left pane.
  3. Wait for a bit of second. Now click on Optional Updates Link
  4. Now click on Optional. You will see the list of all optional updates.
  5. Click the right mouse button over the one which you want to hide.
  6. Now Click on Hide update
  7. Click Ok button.

Now you are free to install the new selected updates without any interruption.

Driver Re-Installation

This particular problem may also occur due to the poor functionality of the existing driver. In case any of the drives like Games, Programs and any kind of software in your PC has issues, you are recommended to install the latest drivers. Before getting started you may search for the manufacture’s support tips and guidelines on how to find the latest device driver and how to install DIY.

Hope, you find here something better and relevant on what you’re searching for fixing the Error Code Ox80070103

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