Gmail Error Code 007

[Solved] How to Fix Gmail Error Code 007

Gmail is one of the best email applications in the market. Gmail is easy to use, cloud-based, open source and free email application by Google. Many organizations use and trust Gmail. Gmail has many useful features that attract customers worldwide. Gmail is a great application but it has some errors that customers sometimes face. One of such technical issues or errors displayed by Gmail is error code 007.

Gmail Error Code 007
Gmail Error Code 007

What is Gmail error code 007

This error mainly occurs when a user is sending an email. The Gmail application stops working and the user can’t send the email. The user then receives a message that says “a server error occurred and your email was not sent (#007)”.

Whenever the user is sending an email, the email application starts communicating with the web server. First, it obtains the IP address from the IP name. Then an IP socket connection to that IP address is opened. The HTTP data stream is provided through that socket. These data streams contain status codes that are determined by the HTTP protocol.

Gmail error code 007 occurs in the last two steps. The error occurs with the back end work of web browser or web server.

How to Fix Gmail Error Code 007?

This error code can be resolved by the user manually. Here are a few steps showing how :

  1. Check if the browser you are using is outdated. If not, update the browser to latest version. The Gmail application should be compatible with the latest version of the browser.
  2. Check if the extension in the browser is disabled. If no, then disable it and restart the browser.
  3. Delete the broken registries, caches and cookies.
  4. Disable the background send of Gmail labs.
  5. Check if the device is attacked by any virus as viruses can be the reason behind this error. Antivirus applications can be used to remove such viruses.

Sometimes, because of this error, Gmail application stops working and a user can’t use the steps mentioned above to resolve error code 007. In this scenario, the user should change the email application because this error can be resolved within a few minutes or it can take up to a few days.

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