Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error in 2020? [Guide]

Exclusively designed for gaming communities like PUBG, Discord facilitates the text, image, video and audio communication between users or players, in a chat channel. Discord is mainly a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform and it also represents a small group of individuals who are passionate gamers. Discord aims to bring gamers together with gaming being the common interest. as it is a group of different types of gamers, diversity and inclusiveness are crucial factors of discord. Discord can be accessed on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers.

Here, one of the problems related to Discord, which is “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” will be discussed and possible solutions to that problem will be provided.

Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error
Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

What is Discord Awaiting Endpoint?

Discord Awaiting Endpoint is a problem related to the network. Discord Awaiting Endpoint occurs when a gamer can not connect to the discord’s server. Discord Awaiting Endpoint is basically the network, not connecting to the host. With Discord Awaiting Endpoint, the user will not be connected or synced to the server. Mostly, the reasons for Discord Awaiting Endpoint are either the discord servers are down or the user fails to connect to a particular server. There are some issues like Discord Awaiting Endpoint private call or Discord Stuck on Connecting and Discord RTC connecting that also contribute to Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error.

How to fix awaiting endpoint in Discord?

For Computers, Laptops, and Androids:

  1. Open the “Discord” App.
  2. Click on the “ Discord Settings” that can be found on the top-left side on discord.
  3. Select “Server Setting”, and then the “Overview” option.
  4. Change the Server region to your nearest or own country server. If the nearest server does not work, the user can try connecting different servers until Discord Awaiting Endpoint is fixed.
  5. Restart or refresh Discord.

Fixing the WiFi settings:

  1. Check whether the internet connection is working or not.
  2. If the internet connection is not working, reboot it and check if Discord Awaiting Endpoint is fixed.

Reinstalling Discord

  1. Uninstall “Discord”.
  2. Download and install the latest version of “Discord” and see if Discord Awaiting Endpoint is fixed.

Using a Virtual Private Network:

  1. Download and install any VPN application and then open it.
  2. Connect to the fastest server available in the VPN and see if Discord Awaiting Endpoint is resolved.

Summing it Up

For a passionate gamer, Discord Awaiting Endpointcan be an irritating issue that needs to be resolved quickly and all the solutions explained above do aim the same. but, if these solutions do not work, one should approach to the Discord support and see if it is indeed a Discord Awaiting Endpointerror or some other issue of Discord. In either case, the officials can help.

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