Can't Hear Anyone on Discord

How to Fix Can’t Hear People on Discord (Working Solutions)

Games are the funniest means of all today.  Games have now become the craze of youths due to the advancement of multiplayer ability. Mobile games like PUBG, Fortnite are not limited to a single user.  They can be played by several players at the same time. These games are featured with the Voice Chat option.

Many times, due to some technical issues, Voice chat feature stops working. Therefore, gamers have to exit from the game as they don’t have another way. The problem is usually faced in Discord. Due to some faults in Discord, gamers can’t hear anyone on Discord. In fact, other people can hear you but you’ll not be able to hear someone else due to the problem in Discord.  If you are also the one who is facing some kind of issue, you have reached the best place. Once you carefully go through the article, you will know how to fix “Can’t Hear People on Discord”.

Can't Hear Anyone on Discord
Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

Working Solutions to Fix “Can’t Hear People on Discord”

However, there is no specific cause to occur in this issue. But many times problems are faced due to corrupted Discord.  So the first and primary need is to update the discord. If you are using outdated Voice Changer Application, this may also the root cause. Improper audio settings can interrupt the voice search interface due to which you can’t hear someone. But you can clearly see the green circle indicating that someone in your voice chat room. This usually creates a frustrating moment.

But you don’t need to worry now. This time we are here with the best troubleshooting steps to fix “Discord can’t hear Anyone”. Let’s start one by one —

Set Default Playback Device

If you have already defined the default discord configuration, it will use this setting as a default input/output playback device.  In other words, if you select the wrong device, you wouldn’t be able to hear gamers playing within your network. On account of the interruption of third-party software, Windows OS becomes unable to select newly connected default device. Below are steps for how to accurately set the default playback device manually

  • Move to Control Panel and Click on the option “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Now click the Sound Option.
  • You will see the Sound window there. Now from the playback tab search for the connected headphone device
  • Right click on the connected headphone device and choose the option “Set as default device” from the dropdown menu. If you have an inbuilt microphone with headphone, you can select it as “Default communication device.

That’s it. You have done all. Check whether you have resolved your problem. If not, you can proceed further to the next troubleshoot as the problem is not with Discord.

Update Output Device

Updating the output device is the most common and easiest way. Input and Output devices are embedded with the Discord voice settings.  The mic is the input device that enables gamers to be heard by other people.  But in the case, you can’t hear other gamers the problem is obviously on the Output devices. if you are facing the issue “can’t hear people on Discord”, this may go away just by the selection of accurate output devices as default. For instance, you have set a computer speaker as your default output device, you can hear other people.  But if you remove headphone or earphone, you will not audible to others. Here you can follow some easiest steps to update your default output device

  • Move to your Discord Application in Windows OS and Click on “User Settings” at the right side of your profile name.
  • Next, from the setting section, Click on “Voice and Video”
  • From Voice setting option, you need to search your already connected audio device.
  • Once you select the right audio device, you will hear a beep sound.  You can also scroll the volume bar as per your wish or to the max.

That’s it. Check whether your problem has resolved forever. If you still can’t hear people on Discord, you need to move towards the next DIY troubleshooting way.

Reset Voice Settings

Discord has been also featured with voice settings. If you have selected some wrong choice in Voice Setting, you may face the issue “can’t hear people on Discord”.  That’s why you if above methods didn’t work for you,  then resetting the Voice configuration can fix this issue permanently.  As an alternative, you can reinstall the Discord App as well but most of the cases it doesn’t work.  So, let’s know how to reset Voice settings to handle the issue “can’t hear people on Discord”.

  •    Open Discord Application in Windows OS.
  •    Move to User settings.
  •    Click on Voice and Video
  •    Scroll the Voice window up to the bottom end and click on “Reset Voice Settings”.
  •    You will instantly see a confirmation alter the message. Click OK to reset voice settings.

Now you have done all. Let’s begin to communicate with your gamers’ community. But if you still have the same problem, you can try the next. Also, make sure you have selected the right input and output device.

Use Discord App through your web browser

The best part is that Discord app offers the cross-platform facility. Means you can use Discord in Windows, MAC, iOs, Android and Linux platforms. Additionally, you can also access this application through your web browser in case you don’t have enough space to download it on your device.  After trying all leaps and bounds of troubleshooting, if you still failed to remove the issue “Can’t hear people on Discord”, then this will surely help you to a great extent.

Use the web version of Discord app. But firstly you should also make sure that your system is capable to let you hear the sound. For this, you can try to play any YouTube videos from your Chrome web browser. You should also make sure that you have given mic permission to Chrome failing to which you can’t communicate.

Hope this will help you a lot to let you get rid of the issue “Can’t hear People on Discord”.

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