ExpressVPN Black Friday Cyber Monday

ExpressVPN Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 Deals (Get 3 Months Free)

  • ExpressVPN is an excellent and extremely reliable VPN product.
  • Tech experts recommend ExpressVPN more than others for its incredible security and up-to-date safety features.
  • ExpressVPN is now available for an incredibly low price, in view of the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • Buy ExpressVPN and get months of free usage with no hidden costs of any sort.

ExpressVPN Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 Deals – A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a safe passageway connecting your device to the internet. Using a VPN, you can easily protect your online activities against censorship, snooping and interference.

ExpressVPN is an incredible VPN product. It works excellent as a proxy by allowing users to change or hide their individual IP address and surf the web anonymously. The brand operates in over 160 locations from 94 countries around the globe to maintain a relevant and effective VPN system worldwide. The product has shown impressive compatibility and performance with most of the popular types of servers in use today. In addition, ExpresVPN offers client-side for all reputed servers and also provides top-notch customer service to its millions of users from around the world.

Today, ExpressVPN has widely used thanks to its being available for use on iPhone and Android smartphones apart from being compatible with desktops/laptops that have Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Cyber Monday
ExpressVPN Black Friday Cyber Monday

Reasons Why You Should Buy ExpressVPN on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

The main reason why you should buy ExpressVPN on Black Friday or Cyber Monday is because of the incredible number of deals and discounts that are offered during this period.


With immensely increasing popularity of the shopping-filled days, small and large companies are leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum sales and consumer satisfaction this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020.

This has led to ExpressVPN being offered for only $6.67 per month, instead of the usual $12.95 per month for a year-long subscription. In addition to getting an incredible 49% off of the price, ExpressVPN is also offering an additional 3 months of free usage with its year-long subscription plan, making you the rightful owner and user of ExpressVPN for not just a year but for 15 months in total.


There are six major aspects of ExpressVPN that makes it today’s top global VPN product:

  1. Hides location – ExpressVPN is excellent to hide your IP address, and through it, your physical location from snooping eyes. You can instead choose from over 160 proxy locations in 94 countries all over the world to be displayed as your faux IP address while you surf the internet.
  2. Secures communication – VPN users can relax while using online communication tools, such as emails and instant messages, when they go through ExpressVPN. The software is designed to use a strong 256-bit encryption system that protects all your online communication data. Even when you are connected online through public Wi-Fi networks, ExpressVPN ensures smooth and secure communication at all times.
  3. Faster surfing –Using ExpressVPN also helps you experience faster browsing. The software helps to stream HD content at its finest by optimizing the internet connectivity of your device. You can download entire movies and TV shows faster and enjoy buffer-free video calls at any time.
  4. Removes censors –There are times that you may find that your favorite website has been barred in your country or region. With ExpressVPN it becomes extremely easy to bypass the censorship and use the popular sites just like you would normally do.
  5. Prevents data loss –If you are worried about legal or illegal online snooping by anybody when your browsing activities are concerned, then ExpressVPN is excellent to protect your identity and data online.
  6. Fights ads, find deals –ExpressVPN also works to prevent you from falling for a higher-priced product just because the Google ad algorithm thought so, based on your IP location. With the irregular IP addresses, it becomes easy to hoodwink the ad algorithm, thus avoiding high-priced ads and instead of being able to get the cheapest and most affordable deals online.

These six excellent features make ExpressVPN an incredibly useful online security tool today.

Final Words

Before giving my final advice, let’s recall the top points of benefits that work in favor of ExpressVPN – it is incredibly low-priced thanks to the 49% discount and the extended 3-month free usage is yet another excellent aspect in its favor. In addition, let’s keep in mind the various impressive uses of ExpressVPN which not only hides your actual IP address (and physical location) but also protects against data loss while being transmitted online and also give you an incredibly faster browsing and downloading experience. All these and many other similar points are in favor of ExpressVPN and thus it is highly recommended for use, whether you wish to safeguard your personal browsing or protect your office PC and internet network from spying.

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