DISM Host Servicing Process

FIX: DISM Host Servicing Process [DismHost.exe High Disk Usage]

DISM Host Servicing Process – Windows operating system is not a standalone component which requires lots of other background software resources to run. In case any of the resource programs fails, the system generates an error and stops working.  You can get the system crashing error and blue screen of death due to DismHost.exe file. Deployment Image Servicing & Management or DSIM is a Microsoft program which is mainly used to prepare windows images.

If you are here to search for the best fixes to get rid of the issue “DismHost.exe high disk usage”, you have reached an appropriate blog post. After a deep and thoroughly researches, we have listed out some best working methods to fix the DISM host servicing process issue. But before getting started, we would like to let our readers know about DISM host servicing process.

What is DISM Host Servicing Process (DismHost.exe)?

DismHost.exe can’t be considered as part of the Windows operating system. You can’t see any window or can’t have any icon of this file on the taskbar. Therefore, you face ample difficulties including high CPU utilization and slower performance of your PC and many more. In any case, it can be considered as possibly being 30% risky.

DISM Host Servicing Process
DISM Host Servicing Process

DismHost.exe file can be found in Windows Temp folder or one of its subfolder. Many times, DSIM host servicing process uses ample disk space which reduces your PC’s performance. Due to this error, your computer becomes slower than average performance speed. This error becomes very irritating when you are unable to browse the internet, watch movies and also unable to play games. In short, dismhost.exe acquires high disk space which makes your PC useless for longer timeslots.

Next, you will know what kind of issues can possibly be generated by DismHost.exe files.

Problems related to DISM Host Servicing Process

If you ignore DismHost.exe error, it may create an array of extensively irritating problems on your PC. First, which is the biggest problem, is that it might be malware. Secondly, it also generates the error called “Service Host Local Service Network Restricted”. It makes your PC slower to operate even a single small task. Why, because it uses the high disk/CPU usage and consumes the huge internet bandwidth. It may sometimes up to 90-100%.

In the following section, you will know how to fix DISM Host Servicing Usage. If you are consistently getting lots of trouble due to DismHost.exe file, you just need to follow these simplest steps—

How to Fix DISM Host Servicing Process [DismHost.exe High Disk Usage Issue]

The DismHost.exe error usually generates in Windows 10 Operating System. If you are using Windows 10, just try these working methods one by one until you resolve the issue—

Method -1: Disable Superfetch Service

Superfecth Service in Windows 10 utilizes high disk or CPU usage which makes your computer slower than its usual working speed. Therefore, it’s a primary step to disable the Superfecth service. Once you stop this service, you will surely feel the upgraded speed of your PC. So, you don’t need to spend time and money. You just need to follow these working steps to get rid of the issue.

  • Press the key pair Windows + R to launch search box.
Windows Servicesmsc
Windows Servicesmsc
  • Type “Services.msc” and hit the “Enter” button.
  • This will move you Windows Services Management Console. Here you need to search for “Superfecth” services. Once you got the Superfetch, click the right mouse button over it and click on “Properties”.
superfetch disable
Superfetch Disable
  • You will see here the “Stop” button. Click on it and then click on “Disable”.
  • Wait for a while until the services stop and disabled.

Next, you will surely feel the changes due to reduced disk resources consumption in Task Manager. If you didn’t find any expected changes in the Taskbar, it means you need to try some other ways to fix the issue.

The BITS of Background Intelligent Transfer service is used by a bunch of system services to transfer the files over the internet. The DISM host servicing process uses the BITS to transfer data over the Internet and consumes the bandwidth. Here are the exact steps which you can follow and fix this issue permanently.

Method-2: Disable Background Intelligence Transfer (BIT) Service

Background Intelligence Transfer or BIT service in Windows 10 is another process which consumes high disk/CPU usage. It is used for transferring the bunch of files over the internet. BIT service is used by DISM host servicing process to transfer data across the net and consumes the high internet bandwidth. It means, your internet speed becomes slower. Below are the effective working methods to fix the DISM host servicing process permanently.

  • Press the key pair Windows + R to launch search box.
  • Type “Services.msc” and hit the “Enter” button.
Windows Servicesmsc
Windows Servicesmsc
  • From the Service Management Console, you need to search for “BIT service” or Background Intelligence Transfer Service”.
  • Once you find the BIT service, click the right mouse button and select properties from the dropdown.
BITS Disable
BITS Disable
  • From the property window, you will ‘Stop” button at the bottom. Click it to stop and then disable the BIT service processes. Wait for a while until the entire services stop and disabled.
  • Now restart your computer.

Now cross check the Taskbar whether CPU Usage and Internet Bandwidth improved. If you find the expected changes there, it means the problem has resolved permanently. But in case the DISM hosting services issue is still there on your computer, you need to try another best troubleshooting method.

Method-3:  Run Effective Antivirus Program

Most of the times, DSIM host servicing process are the cause of viruses and malware programs. The situation becomes typical when this malware starts consuming the DsimHost.exe file as a host. Hackers may also utilize these file to steal data and information. That’s why it’s very necessary to thoroughly detect and remove malware using the most trusted antivirus and antimalware scanning software.

You can search for ample free and paid antivirus software that is capable to detect and remove the risky programs like ransomware, spyware, malware and virus programs. The best part is that all Antivirus software comes with the free trial version per user per month. This helps you to check the capability and functionality of antivirus programs before buying the paid version.


Hope all these methods to fix the DSIM host servicing process (DsimHost.exe high disk/CPU usage) would help you. We are also awaiting your humble response and your own experience about the issue.

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