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How to Disable “Video Paused. Continue Watching” on Youtube in Chrome [Working Solution 2020]

You are working on your laptop/desktop with music playing behind on Youtube. For few minutes you have hidden the youtube tab and are busy working. Suddenly the music video stops and you get a annoying message which reads, “Video Paused. Continue Watching?”.

The videos are intended for your viewing. So when you look at YouTube, the website hopes you don’t minimize the Youtube tab. Not everyone watches YouTube this way. You can create playlists on this site. If  you tune into the playlists of music, the tab usually doesn’t need to be in front of you. You can forward it or limit the window it is open in. YouTube can’t tell if you’re visible or not, but it can tell if you haven’t collaborated with the site in a while. In this case, the video being played will be interrupted. “Video Paused. Continue Watching?”. You must click Yes to continue playing.

Video Paused Continue Watching
Video Paused Continue Watching

How to Disable “Video Paused. Continue Watching” on Youtube in Chrome [Working Solution 2020]

Here are simple methods to disable the Youtube message box – “Video Paused. Continue Watching?”. These are working solutions tried and tested by our team.

Use the YouTube NonStop extension

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the annoying “Video Paused. Continue Watching?” pop-up is to download an extension called YouTube Nonstop.

This extension can be accessed through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox search engines

Let’s go back to our ranking process. Once the elevation is in place, make sure the extension is possible by typing chrome: // expansions / in the address bar (if you’re using Chrome) or clicking the menu button or Add button on this stage and choosing -us Your extensions

Give it a try with all the videos you’ve tried before and see if the problem goes away.

YouTube NonStop extension not working? Try downloading from GitHub

However, if there is nothing, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox YouTube Nonstop Augmentations will not work unless there are other options. At this point, you can simply download the registry. Creator’s GitHub Vault Resources.

Get YouTube Premium

One thought on this topic could be that Google (YouTube) expects more customers to use YouTube to stream music and direct them to their YouTube Premium Help.

This is also a good sign, as the size of YouTube Premium promotions increases when you use YouTube as a web music feature rather than as a support for video content.

In case you need to vent the promotions, buy some eclectic staple games, and download and record recordings, YouTube Premium for $ 11.99 can tempt you every month. You can sign up for YouTube Premium here.

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