How to Delete Spotify Account

How to Delete Spotify Account? Cancel Your Spotify Subscription within Few Seconds

If you are not satisfied with digital music streaming services of Spotify, here you can go through the few simplest steps to cancel your Spotify premium account within a few seconds. But before exposing how to delete Spotify account; we would like to let you know about Spotify and its features and advantages as well.

How to Delete Spotify Account
How to Delete Spotify Account

What is Spotify? Features & Advantages of Spotify:

Spotify provides dazzling digital music streaming services for free of cost. Users can enjoy the world of songs in audio and video files, podcasts from the prominent composers and artists around the world. However, Spotify also offers its premium services at the monthly subscription fee. If you would like to get rid of ads, you can subscribe for the Spotify premium account. Otherwise, you are free to enjoy the music by accessing the Spotify in laptop, mobile and tabs… etc. With Spotify, you become free to access the millions of songs in a single platform with no commitment.

Spotify application has been equipped with a world of features that make it convenient for the users to enjoy their favorite songs anytime anywhere. Besides, many more advantages are there with the Spotify premium account—

  • You can find your friends and join many followers with Spotify. It offers the users a great social media support. You are also free to connect your Facebook account which allows you to find friends and followers and look at what they’re listening to.
  • You can fully enjoy the high quality fastest streaming, HD videos, and quality sound experiences…etc with the Spotify account. Users can highly enchant with the 96kbps normal streams, 160kbps high-quality streams, and 320 kbps extreme sound quality.
  • You can protect your internet data burns when the quality is set to normal. At normal setting, Spotify burns around 50 MB data. Means if you play Spotify by 24 hours at normal setting, you may burn 1GB data. Therefore data-usage depends on the streaming quality.
  • With the Spotify premium account, you are allowed to download audio and videos. You can also enjoy listening to your favorite songs offline. With this practice, you can also save much data with comparison to downloading.

Spotify Premium Plans – Subscribe to Spotify @

Are you interested to subscribe for the Spotify premium plans to give access to millions of songs online/offline? Here you can go through the 3 plans — Spotify Premium, Spotify Prepaid, Spotify premium for students.

  1. Users can subscribe for Spotify premium at 119/month after 30 days free trial.
  2. Spotify prepaid plan is available at the cost as low as 13/day. However, you can also get the extreme discount when you extend the subscription up to 39/week, 129/month,  389/3 months…..and so on
  3. If you are a student, you can subscribe for the Spotify premium at the student-friendly price rates.

How to Cancel the Subscription and Delete Spotify Account?

In contrast, if you don’t like to use Spotify as you think it’s not for you, you can delete Spotify account anytime. In the following section, you can go through how to cancel the Spotify account in a matter of minutes.

  1. Move to the Spotify Login page and do log-in with your credentials (User name, password).
  2. Nice, now select Account from the category options menu
  3. Look at the option saying “I want to close Spotify Account permanently”.
  4. Here you will see the two options. One for deleting Spotify account and second is to cancel the subscription.
  5. Click on whatever you want to do.
  6. Now you have almost done. You will be asked for the reasons behind why did you leave the Spotify services. Fill up there and tab the “Send Question” button.

That’s it. You have now successfully closed your Spotify account or cancel the subscription. You have no longer been able to create Spotify account with the same username or email. Also, you’ll not be able to access the recorded songs, playlists and followers.

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