Conan Exiles Admin Commands

List of Conan Exiles Admin Commands [2020]

Canon Exile is the world-famous open-world game developed by Funcom which was set to Conan, the Barbican world. The Canon Exile was released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The best part is that you develop your own servers and enjoy this game with multiple friend players. You don’t need to worry about getting banned in case you are playing with your own server. Plus it has recently terminated the relationship with its server partner due to poor services, so it becomes handier for the better gaming experience. With this, you will come across how to use the Canon Exile Admin Panel and the list of best canon exile commands to engage in some fun times.

But first, you should know about the Canon Exiles Admin Panel—

Conan Exiles Admin Commands
Conan Exiles Admin Commands

What is the Admin Panel? (Canon Exile Admin Command)

The admin panel in Canon Exiles is a technical game machine which let the user give access to lots of game’s features and creatures like thralls and enemies. From the admin panel, you can possibly update the character stats. Only server owners can access the admin console of the Canon Exiles. They can easily monitor the server and resolve issues that might be faced by the players. Additionally, they can keep their server safe and polished.

Next, you can go through the tips for how to use Canon Exiles Commands in Canon Exiles Admin Console.

How to use the Conan Exiles Admin Commands?

To use the Conan Exiles Admin Commands, you first need to bring up the admin console window. Press the tilde key(~) from the keyboard which is normally located at the top left below the Escape (ESC) button. Now you need to enter the following command for login as an admin.

MakeMeAdmin <AdminPassword>

For instance, if your admin password is “chocolate” you can log in as “MakeMeAdmin chocolate”.

Once you bring up the admin console, you are free to use Canon Exile Admin Commands on your own server.

List Canon Exiles Admin Commands:

This article becomes here the most important for the users looking for the list of Canon Exile Admin Command. You can also go familiar with the widest opportunities of the Canon Exile Admin Console as well.

So let’s go-ahead—


This is the most used and well-known command of the Canon Exile Admin Console. Hit this command if you want to remove some of the admin privileges.  If you are getting bored due to rules and limitations which destroy your gaming experience while playing with your friends, by using this command you can play with someone else’s rules.


You can hit this command if you want to enable or disable God mode. You can also make sure that the noobs can compete when you just like to bully your peers


If you would like to make your character invisible, you can hit this Canon Exiles Admin Command. This command is useful for when your character design is horrible and your eyes bleed when you look at it. Additionally, this command is useful when you desire to sneak up on someone to stab them.


The cloak is another version of invisibility command. With this command, you can instruct the gaming console when your enemies will detect you. Even when you move to a butcher spree, the NPCs won’t retaliate when you attack them.


Whenever you need to fly from point to another, you can use this command. You can make your hideous character fly from one location to another to attack your enemies or protecting yourself.


Ghost is the God mode of the flying command. You can use this command in case any of your noobs can’t fly properly. It can keep your noobs running into objects and players.  This command lets you fly straight when you see a player rushing towards you.


If you are tired of flying, you can use the walk command and get down to earth once again. This Canon Exiles Admin Command lets you run to your heart’s content without pressing the sprint key again and again.


If you are getting worried about your stamina after using the walk command, your next step is to hit NoSprintCost. This is the most effective Canon Exiles Admin Command that helps the gamers boost their stamina. It doesn’t matter how long you are sprinting.


If you don’t like to press the fire button to damage you NPC enemies or you are getting bored of bother swinging the melee weapon, just hit the command DamageTarget.  Once you hit this command, your next step is to just have the object you like to burst in your crosshairs and they will be spoiled in no time. You should also keep one thing in your mind that this canon exile admin command can wreak a lot of mayhem. It can also destroy the whole structure as well as extreme cases and the entire map’s sections. But don’t worry.  You can easily restore the map when you restart your game server.

Destroy Target

This Canon Exiles Admin Command is the watered-down version of the DamageTarget command. You can remove the NPCs and entire structures without blowing out chunks of the map. You also need to attentively use this command as you won’t mess up the map. You need to restart your game server every time. But unfortunately, hate mail may also keep notifying you to remove the structures.


Teleport command is developed by Canon Exiles for lazy persons. The very lazy people who love to use teleport in video games. As the name suggests, this canon exiles admin command lets you teleport from one location to another.


When your friend is running in trouble, you can teleport to your friend.  How is it so? Just use your admin console and hit this Canon Exiles Admin Command. You would really be proved the best friend as the friend in need is a friend indeed.

Summon Player

Whether you would like to just spectate the game of your desired player or you are getting bored with failures, again and again, you can hit this command. You can keep watching every move that your desired player make against your opposite fighters.


I hope you are enjoying too much with the amazing commands of Canon Exiles Admin Console. If you know just the limited one, you can explore here the world of commands.

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