Change Mouse DPI in Windows 10

How to Change Mouse DPI in Windows 10?

Change Mouse DPI in Windows – No one feels good having trouble with the mouse when they need it most. With the adjustment of mouse DPI, you can configure your mouse faster as well as slower all up to your needs. If you are seeking to explore how o change Mouse DPI in Windows 10, you have reached an appropriate web space. With this article, we have listed out some of the best ways to fix the Mouse DPI in Windows 10.

But before, how to fix and configure the Mouse DPI in Windows 10, we would first like to let the users know what is DPI?

Change Mouse DPI in Windows 10
Change Mouse DPI in Windows 10

What is Dots Per Inch (DPI)?

DPI stands for the Dots Per Inch. DPI signifies the mouse sensitivity in terms of the number of dots per inch which the mouse sensor can detect.  Gaming mice have higher DPI sensitivity with comparison to the one that is used in routine work having 1600 DPI range.  Whenever you wish to buy the best mouse online or offline, you are recommended to choose merely the one having higher DPI capability. The more is the DPI range, the more your mouse will be highly sensitive.

Some brands provide a mouse with an additional functional button to configure the mouse DPI range without exploring the control panel. In some task like graphic designing, architectural designs need the tiniest movement of the mouse cursor. In that case, you need to adjust mouse DPI sensitivity as well.  Therefore, we are here with the best ways for how to change Mouse DPI on Windows 10.

How to Configure Mouse DPI Sensitivity in Windows 10?

Once you got about Mouse DPI Sensitivity, it’s now better to know how to change the mouse setting to configure DPI sensitivity in windows 10.

All you need to follow a few DIY steps and you will be able to change your mouse DPI settings—

Explore Mouse Settings:

Many of Windows 10 users find it convenient to go through Mouse setting sections. Have you a regular mouse with just two left and right buttons and a scrolling wheel? Here are the some easiest steps to change mouse DPI settings—

  • Click on Windows button on the left corner of the taskbar
  • Click on gear icon to move to settings window
  • From the setting window, click on Devices and choose mouse to configure DPI
  • Now click on “Additional Mouse Options ” to head to the mouse properties window
  • Now click on Pointer tab there
  • Use motion slider to adjust the Mouse DPI sensitivity.
  • If you are here to change Mouse DPI for the excellent gaming experience, you can uncheck the “Enhance Pointer Precession” option there below the motion slider.

To move the mouse settings window, you can also use Window+ R keys and simply type “Mouse”. This will directly get you moved on “Mouse Settings” window. Then get started from the 3rd step.

If you have a mouse with additional DPI buttons to adjust Mouse DPI, you need to move the next.

Use DPI button on Mouse

Imagine the moment when you are at the middle of the game screen or you are indulging in the graphical designing task, then you need to have an appropriate mouse DPI settings. It would also be far better for users to have additional DPI buttons on Mouse. Users having a mouse with additional DPI settings buttons no need to leave the working window.

Make sure this is an appropriate way to adjust DPI settings only for the users having a mouse with additional DPI buttons. These buttons can be at the top or at the left thumb making it convenient for the users to operate.

  • You just need to click the DPI button.
  • As soon as you click the button, you will see a notification window on your monitor screen.
  • Now use the adjustable sensitivity slider to configure mouse DPI.

If you are playing games, then also you can adjust mouse DPI sensitivity and acceleration without any disturbance in your gaming experience.


We hope you got here the best ways to effectively change mouse DPI sensitivity on windows 10. We are also waiting for your best positive feedback and you real-time experiences about how you changed Mouse DPI sensitivity on windows 10.

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