6 Best Windows Emulators For Mac in 2019 (Free & Paid)

Best Windows Emulators For Mac in 2019 –Once a user starts working with a system, it is difficult to switch to a different system just because some software does not run on the system platform the user prefers. When using Mac, a lot of users face difficulties using Microsoft software like Office or Excel. But switching to another operating system or stop using Microsoft software is not the solution. Here, to solve this problem, there is an efficient solution available. That solution is “emulators”. There are many windows emulators available online that users can download.

Emulation, in the case of computers, means replicating the functions or functionalities of a computer in another computer. When a certain function is designed for a specific device model, but a user wants to use or process the same function on a device for which the function wasn’t designed, with the help of an emulator, the user can use that function on the device for which it wasn’t originally designed. Emulators can enable computer systems to behave like another computer systems even if this behavior isn’t originally programmed. For example, if the user needs to use MS-Excel on Mac, he can download and install a Windows emulator. The advantage of an emulator is that the quality of graphics might be better for the system using emulators. Also, there might be some additional features on the system because of the emulator that the original system did not have. The disadvantages of emulators include copyright issue and the possibility of processing speed being slow and poor functionalities.

Here we are sharing the Best Windows Emulators Mac in 2019. Please read and share your experience by commenting below:

1. Parallel Desktop

A virtual machine software named Parallels Desktop is a Windows emulator for Mac. There are many ways given by Parallels to run Windows on Mac. The user can transfer windows from the PC using the existing computer system or install the latest version of Windows from Microsoft. Parallels also provide the option of purchasing and downloading the original version of Windows.

There is a view mode in Parallels that allows the user to run or access Windows applications or software on Mac as if they are native Mac applications or software. In this coherence mode, Windows applications can be directly run from the Mac dock. The user can easily switch between Windows applications and Mac applications without having to manage two separate desktops. Parallels Desktop does not need rebooting of the system and is easy to install. It is a paid emulator. Parallel Desktop seems the best emulator for CPU based tests.

2. VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is a Windows emulator. This emulator has a mode called “Unity”, which is similar to the coherence mode in Parallel Desktop. This mode in the VMware Fusion allows user to run Windows applications on Mac and also lets user copy, paste, move and resize between Windows and Mac applications. This is a recommended emulator for Mac to run Windows. This emulator is best in graphics related tests. VMware Fusion is licensed per user. This Windows emulator for Mac is paid.

3. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a Windows emulator for Mac. It is an open source software. The installation process for VirtualBox is a bit tricky. This emulator has a seamless mode but it does not work with Windows 10. This emulator does not allow the user to run individual Windows applications from Mac dock which means before using Windows applications, the user has to launch the virtual machine manually. It is a good emulator for running simple Windows applications on Mac. VirtualBox is a popular Windows emulator for Mac despite these demerits or complications, as it is a free emulator.

4. WineBottler

WineBottler is a Windows emulator for Mac which is not a virtual machine. This emulator runs the applications of Windows on Mac by wrapping. That means, this emulator wraps the Windows application into some layer of coding or processing and then accessing on Mac, these applications run like native Mac applications. This emulator is not ideal for a small amount of usage. WineBottler has a disadvantage. It may crash or will not run while working with some Windows applications. WineBottler is still a recommended emulator as it just needs to be installed and then the application chosen by the user from the given list within the emulator will be downloaded, installed and the program will be configured for the user.

5. Crossover

Crossover is a Windows emulator for Mac. This emulator supports MS Office, DirectX, Adobe Lightroom and many more commercial Windows applications. To run Windows on Mac, Crossover is a good commercial choice when it comes to emulators. Professionals and organizations can benefit more from this emulator. Gamers can prefer this emulator as it lets them play Counter-Strike, StarCraft and more popular Windows games. Crossover is a paid Windows emulator for Mac. It is developed by CodeWeavers.

6. WinOnX 2 Pro

WinOnX 2 Pro is a Windows emulator for Mac. It is based on .Net framework. This emulator runs applications of Windows virtually on Mac which automatically avoids the need of installing Windows with virtualization on Mac. This emulator runs on a mode called the OS X Sandbox mode. This mode is designed to enable users the option of assigning access of the folders to the program which is Windows based. Almost every Windows based program can be handled by this emulator and any Windows software can be installed and run on Mac with the help of this emulator. This emulator is based on Open Source Tool Wine. WinOnX 2 Pro is a paid Windows emulator for Mac.

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