Best Survey Bypass Tools

10+ Best Survey Bypass Tools & Extensions in 2020

Best Survey Bypass Tools & Extensions – Are the frequent requests for “quick” surveys bothering you when browsing online? Are you fed up with the onslaught of spam emails and pop-up once you do make the mistake of filling out such a survey form over the internet?  Do you wish to avoid seeing the dreadful survey pop-ups on your browser? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a survey bypass tool of extension can be the perfect solution for you. There is no quick way to decide whether an online survey is genuine or from fraudulent sponsors as such surveys often request you to fill in your personal information, including email, physical address, etc.

If you are here as you were searching the best Bypass Extension tools, you reach the best place. Here you will know what is Bypass Survey tools and Extension popularly used even in 2020.

Best Survey Bypass Tools
Best Survey Bypass Tools

What is Survey Bypass Tool?

A Survey Bypass Tool or Survey Bypass Extension works to do just that, help you avoid unwanted online survey requests on websites. A survey bypass tool or extension can help you avoid irritation and wasting time and resources at opting out of these surveys without any effort.

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Is it Safe to Use Survey Bypass Tool?

Yes, it is safe to install and use several survey bypass tools from renowned vendors. However, it is highly advised to scan the downloaded survey bypass tool or extension using your antivirus software to ensure that the file is completely safe to install and use the app.

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Best Survey Bypass Tools & Extensions in 2020

This is the list of the 10 best Survey Bypass Tools and Extensions in 2020:


Survey Smasher is an incredible survey bypass tool and tops the list of the best survey bypass tools and extensions in 2020. It is commonly used in large corporations and has millions of downloads for personal use from around the world.

It has a crisp and easy-to-use User Interface. You simply need to type in the URL of the website you wish to browse and the Survey Smasher survey bypass tool will quickly encode it to remove survey forms.


The Survey Bypass tool is another excellent option to avoid seeing the annoying online surveys when browsing. It is among the most popular and highest-downloaded anti-survey solution in the market. It has an uncluttered and easy User Interface.

You need only type in or paste the website’s URL in the blank space and click to start encoding the website for downloading and viewing sans the surveys this time.


Survey Remover is another ideal choice for personal users to avoid irritating online surveys on their favorite websites. It is packed with some incredibly advanced features but still does its primary work for blocking online surveys from popping up on your computer screen excellently. Advanced features include the ability to use the Content Lock Bypass feature to download locked data from the websites.

The easy UI only requires you to type in/paste the URL of the website you wish to browse and the tool works swiftly to remove all survey codes from the website for easy browsing.


The Sharecash Survey Killer is one of the most popular and among the best survey bypass tools for 2020. It is also equipped with several normal and advanced features.

The Sharecash Survey Kills survey bypass tool is also able to automatically remove surveys from the websites you have already performed an anti-survey procedure earlier.


The Survey Remover Pro tool is one of the highest-used applications for avoiding online survey forms. This excellent tool allows users to remove surveys and even download the complete version of all software, compressed files, torrent links, etc online.

The Survey Remover Pro is also designed to work in sync with popular online survey sites, such as FileLocker, ShareCash and CleanFiles among others.


The XJZ Survey Remover is one of the most popular survey bypass extension for 2020 among professionals and amateurs alike. It is an excellent addition for Google Chrome browser users and is easiest to download.

As is expected from Google, the XJZ Survey Remover extension for Google Chrome supports over 350 popular online survey sites. A single click will help to remove any and all surveys from the website before you browse it. You only need to add the extension and without installing any tool you can easily avoid annoying surveys every time you surf online. Google, bring a global service provider, offers unrestricted use of XJZ Survey Remover for Google Chrome users from anywhere in the world.


As the name suggests, the All In One Survey Bypass Tool does it all. It is currently among the most popular survey bypass tools for 2020 available online. It is very easy-to-use thanks to the clean User Interface.

The tool allows users to avoid every survey on websites by simply following 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter the URL of the website
  2. Select File Source
  3. Click on “Bypass and Download” button on-screen

That’s it, and now you can browse through the whole website without being bothered by pop-up survey forms.


The Redirect Bypasser for Firefox is an effective and excellent online survey bypass extension for Mozilla Firefox browser users. It is made for several different purposes apart from successfully blocking annoying online survey forms, such as preventing access to infected websites.

The Redirect Bypasser for Firefox actively blocks suspicious and infected URLs and saves your computer from harm.


The Do Not Survey Bypass extension is also designed for use as an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browsers. It works to automatically block surveys from popping up on-screen when you are browsing online. If you are an avid Firefox user then Do Not Survey extension is highly-recommended for smoother online surfing.


ScriptDSafe also ranks among the best survey bypass tools and extensions for 2020. This is an excellent anti-survey extension for Google Chrome users around the world. This extension is mainly designed to block all unwanted in-browser scripts to provide excellent online browsing experience.

Survey Bypass Tools Alternative

If you are a little tech-savvy than you can even avoid using survey bypass tools and extensions to block unwanted online survey forms from appearing on your screen when browsing your favorite websites.

There is a simple 3-step procedure for avoiding the on-screen surveys completely without the need for downloading and installing survey bypass tools and extensions.

  1. Type in your browser –– then cope the Java code mentioned on the screen.
  2. Create a Bookmark in your browser and title it as – “Bypass_survey” – and paste the Java code you copied in the previous step.
  3. Simply click on the above-created Bookmark whenever you browse online and automatically avoid seeing any unwanted online survey forms.

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