Best FTP Client for Mac

4 Best FTP Client for Mac in 2020

Best FTP Client for Mac – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an excellent way to upload files from your computer to the WordPress platform. An FTP client account is required to use this desktop tool and connect with your WordPress account’s hosting services. Today, there are numerous FTP apps available, however, the ideal FTP client should help users to upload, rename, delete, copy, paste and edit files or folders easily on your WordPress account.

Recently, we had a debate among our tech experts as to which is the best file transfer client for Mac users today. After much deliberation and testing, our team of experts was able to finally make a list of the top FTP tools, especially for Apple computer users who are looking for uploading files easily on WordPress.

Best FTP Client for Mac
Best FTP Client for Mac

Best FTP Client for Mac in 2020

Check out the list of the 4 best FTP clients for Mac:


Cyberduck is one of the best FTP clients designed for Mac users. It is an excellent cross-platform FTP tool. It is extremely easy to install and use with your Mac. Additional supporting features include locating files with ‘Finder’ and saving login data in keychain form.


  • Simplistic interface ideal for amateurs too
  • Permits remote access for file editing
  • Compatible with several additional code editors
  • Includes FTP, WebDAV and SFTP too
  • Client-encryption available


  • Portable version not available
  • Slightly slower than other FTP clients
  • Non-official website versions contain adware


Transmit is another top FTP client tool for Mac. It is designed by popular tool developers, Panic Inc. and is designed solely for Mac OS. Already, it is one of the best choices for professional web developers from around the world. It is extremely reliable and works at an excellent speed.


  • Sync folders between remote and local servers
  • Supports additional protocols, including WebDAV, Amazon S3, SFTP, FTPS and FTP
  • Integrated code editor
  • Drag-and-drop to upload files
  • Additional security with 2-Factor Login process


  • Adware gets installed by default


CuteFTP is listed among the best FTP client for Mac users for its impressive and vast range of features. It allows access to share files from your Mac or iPhone. It supports large file transfers efficiently.


  • Advanced support, including file compression and OpenPGP encryption
  • Efficient 1-Time password authentication process
  • Integrated visual instructions for amateurs
  • In-built color-coded HTML editor
  • Download in segment form


  • Cannot compare file features
  • Does not support connection to cloud IaaS provider


Filezilla is one of the best cross-platform FTP client tools today. It is excellent for use by novices and experts alike. You can choose to prevent the ads from being displayed by changing the options during the installation process (many users are unaware of this).


  • Allows searching files from remote location
  • Supports bookmarks
  • Integrated secure file transferring features
  • Edit files remotely
  • The portable version is also available


  • Automatically installs adware and often displays ads while in use
  • Simplistic drag-and-drop feature

Summing Up

Here’s hoping that you will find the most suitable file transfer tool from this expert-listed best FTP client for Mac users. The above mentioned FTP Client For Mac are currently popularly used worldwide. If you had any confusion regarding FTP Client, now we hope that the confusion is no more. Stay tuned to our blog for more similar articles.

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