Best Free Resume Builder

7+ Best Free Resume Builder Reviews

After someone who is learning something completes the education or whatever he or she is learning, it is time to see if there is any job or work available for them based on what they have learned so far. To present the experience and education in a short and precise structure, a resume is used. The resume is an important part mainly for the process of getting a job as resumes can be the first impression of an employee. Resumes represent what a person’s education is, how that person’s career has been till date and some experts can also predict one’s personality or mindset based on their resumes, which is why it becomes an important task to write or build an impressive resume. Writing or building a resume with every significant detail that is relevant can be a tedious job for many users. Also, there are certain ways a resume should be written and some users are mostly unaware of it which leads to an unimpressive resume. To help with this, users opt for resume builders.

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Best Free Resume Builder

Best Free Resume Builder Reviews

A resume builder usually provides suitable formats for different types of resumes. Depending upon the education, the industry that one is approaching for and requirements of the company, there can be different types of resumes. A resume builder provides readymade or tailored templates for users to fill out the information and make their own resume quickly.

In a resume builder, there are some factors, a user may look for, such as user-friendly interface, easy to use and highly customizable templates or designs of the resumes, trial for everything the user wants to try and a number of editing tools and templates available.

Resume Genius

It is a simple and extremely easy to use a resume builder. In this resume builder, job seekers are asked multiple choice questions about their education as well as experience to build a resume. There is customization available as users can add prewritten bullet points, which is a great feature, provided by Resume Genius in order to create customizable job responsibilities. It is a paid resume builder with different types of payment plans and offers but if a user wants to use it for free, he or she can download the copy of saved resume from this resume builder in the form of a text file (which removes the formatting as it is a basic form of document.)

My Perfect Resume

It is a simple resume builder. A unique feature provided by this resume builder is that it highlights skills and keywords in a resume that are important which is impressive as it makes the resume look even more precise. There is a searching feature available for users to search for job titles and add them to the resume in just one click which makes this resume builder very efficient. Certifications, accomplishments, and affiliations are the optional sections to help anyone who is a fresher or is changing their field and those can be added in the final step of building the resume. This is a paid resume builder but to get a free resume, user can click on download instead of clicking on save and next when the building process of the resume is complete. After clicking on download, the user can get the resume in the form of a text document.


This is a user-friendly resume builder with a fantastic feature that lets the user automatically share their resumes with employers on their sites. This is a fast resume builder because it reformats the previous resume when a user uploads the current resume as the previous one mostly needs updates. This resume builder has payment processes but it also lets users save and download resumes when signed in, for free.


This user-friendly and highly customizable resume builder when compared to other resume builders. Color, date formatting, font size, line spacing and more elements can be customized in this resume builder. User can add links of the resume to his or her social media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook which helps in getting helpful tips and guidance for a writing summary statement. It is a paid resume builder but users can use the created link and then after opening that link in the browser, they can save it by right-clicking.


The main feature of this resume builder is that the user interface of this resume builder is designed like a resume which makes it easy for users to visualize how their resume will look when it is finished and processed while building it. This resume builder guides the user while building resumes which is preferred by the users who want a little more control over the process of resume building. It can also populate the resume on the user’s LinkedIn profile if the user uses the “import LinkedIn” option. User can download their resumes in the format of a PDF, Word Document, RTF, and Txt file without having to pay.


This resume builder is a bit advanced than other resume builders. It scans the resume of a user and offers customized suggestions for information like achievements, summary statement, contact info, title and more in case the user has missed filling it. This resume builder is therefore very useful for people who do not completely know how to build a good resume. When signed in, this resume builder lets the user save and download their resume in PDF format for free.


There is a task of writing a summary statement in resumes and users do not like to do it or many do not know how to do it well. This resume builder can help with that issue as it has a selection of summary statements that a user can just select, fill in the blanks or drag and drop if it is fitting and does not need editing. Users can download the copies of resume for free with this resume builder.

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