7 Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives in 2020

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives in 2020 – Users on a global scale use Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is a reputed software in the technical fields. Microsoft office is a great option for organizations to work with huge data, sheets and numbers on a regular basis. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc are some of the useful features of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office was almost an irreplaceable software for organizational or professional use. Microsoft Office has incorporated many features like animated transitions, user-friendly interface etc to be relevant in the world of technology which changes every day.

However, these constant updations can be problematic as those are mandatory. Users find it a waste of time to update the features that they do not use just to keep the software running. To solve this issue, there is a need to find alternative software that can replace Microsoft Office. Some users have specific features that they need and not the entire package of features that comes with Microsoft Office. This resulted in too many applications and software that are very similar to Microsoft Office. These applications or software are available on different operating systems.

So here we are sharing the best Microsoft Office Alternatives which you can use for your daily work.

1. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is compatible with all Microsoft formats. This software has all the features that can be found in the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint or Excel. This software contains necessary office tasks like Writer, Calc and Impress. This software also has some rare to find features. The draw is a feature that is specially designed for vector diagrams. Math is a feature designed for mathematical functions. The base is another rare and special feature of LibreOffice which is designed for the database. This is open-source software. This software is available for organizations as well as personal users. In the software, there is a wide range of extensions and templates available which makes it more flexible and efficient. LibreOffice is available on platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. For Android, there is a document viewer available but not official mobile versions of LibreOffice.

Visit the official website of LibreOffice

2. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Considering the scope and contribution of Google in various technical fields, it would be a surprise if there was not a good office alternative software developed by Google. There Google Docs, Sheets and Slides which is a good alternative for Microsoft Office. Users who use Google applications on a regular basis find this software efficient and user-friendly. This software is available for Web Browsers, Android and iOS. The problem with this software is that the opening and conversions of files is complicated. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides often do not support the fonts created locally. So opening files from other Office applications can be difficult. The advantage is that the user does not need to worry about the transfer or backups of files as the files are saved and synced automatically.

Google Docs Link –> https://docs.google.com/document/

3. Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft office online os a free and online application that is a substitution of Microsoft Office. This software works just like the desktop version of Microsoft Office. The users who use Microsoft Office on a regular basis find it easier to work with Office Online. The files can be easily shared via Microsoft OneDrive and there is no problem of converting these files. User needs to be logged in to the Microsoft account to use this software. This software is available for chrome, and there are also mobile versions for iOS and Android.

4. WPS Office Free

Each of the feature provided by WPS Office is just as good as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. There is an excellent file format support in the software. The work done by user can be saved in native Microsoft formats which makes it easier for the user to share files with Microsoft Office users. WPS Office has a free PDF reader as a replacement for Windows in-built application. As this software is free, ads are an issue. But ad does not get in the way of the user while working. The versions of WPS Office are available for Windows, Linux and Android systems.

Download—-> WPS Office For PC

5. Polaris Office

This is a cross-platform free software. It is available on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Polaris Office is a pre-installed software in Samsung devices. This software is compatible with all Microsoft formats. While installing this software on a Web Browser, the user should keep an eye on the other bundled software that also gets downloaded along with Polaris Office. Users can decline this additional software. To access the Cloud-based service of Polaris Office, the user needs to sign in with a Google or Facebook account. This account of Polaris Office allows the user the usage of this software across one desktop and two mobile devices, 60 MB monthly data transfer and 1 GB cloud storage. If the user wants more storage, Polaris Office can be connected to Amazon cloud drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive etcetera. There is a free and a premium version of this software available.

6. SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker Freeoffice provides TextMaker instead of Microsoft Word, PlanMaker instead of Microsoft Excel and Presentations instead of Microsoft PowerPoint. This software allows the user the effortless conversions to PDF as well as Epub formats. The software does not contain thesaurus which makes it a drawback of this software for the users who use this software and write regularly. This software has a free and a premium version. The free version has almost all the important features that the premium version has. This software is recommended to personal users. This software is available for Web Browsers.

7. Open365

Open365 is a cloud desktop. It includes features like Writer, Calc and Impress. It also has specially designed features like Photoshop image editor GIMP, cloud storage and Linux email package Kontact. The organizations which prefer a collaborative working system and use a variety of hardware preferably use this software as it is heavy because it is desktop software and it also requires more time than other office software and it also stresses the system.


So friends, it’s clear that your work will not stop if you don’t have Microsoft Office. We have given you a list of 7 Best Alternatives to MS Office. But none of the alternatives will serve as better as MS Office. In the end, these are just the alternatives and not the primary tools suggested.

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