7 Best Email Apps For Mac in 2019

Best Email Apps For Mac – The technology has changed a lot over the years and will continue to change but one thing that seems to not change or be replaced is an electronic mailing system. There are many advancements in the electronic mailing system nowadays but the main function of sending or receiving an electronic mail has not changed. Users prefer electronic mailing over instant messaging for formal conversions. To use electronic mailing system users need an application that transfers the data across systems using the processing of protocols like SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Within a few seconds, an email can be sent or received.

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To download and install an application that can be used for emailing has to have properties like user-friendly interface, safety, efficient features and adaptation or updations according to the latest technological evolution etcetera. The user interface of an email application should be user-friendly and optimized. The security provided by the email application should be stronger than the data theft or other security threats and malfunctions.

A user should be able to log in and switch to different accounts within the email application. The email application should allow the user to link different applications to itself in order to access them. For example, the user can need an image viewer application to open the images sent through an email.

Best Email Apps For Mac in 2019

Hello friends, lets cut the crap and get to the main point. I know you all are looking for the best Email Clients For Mac. So here we are sharing the list of Best Email Apps For Mac which every Mac user can use in their daily routine.

1. Spark

The email application for Mac named Spark is one of the best email applications for Mac. It is designed by Readdle, which is a mobile application company. The name of this application reflects its power or speed of processing. Spark is considered to be the most impressive email application for Mac users. Spark offers features like auto organization of the inbox, prioritizing and categorizing the messages according to the user using smart inbox, letting user postpone their emails, scheduling emails to be automatically sent later etc.

The official website for Spark is https://sparkmailapp.com/

2. Mailspring

The Mailspring is a professional email application for Mac. Mailspring supports mail merging, scheduling emails and reminders as it is mainly designed for professional use. These features are available in the premium version. In the free version of Mailspring, there is an email application available for users which is highly productive, efficient and expandable. The free version of the application has features like quick reply templates, undo send emails and link and open tracking. But the drawback of this application is that it limits its access to 10 users.

The official website for Mailspring is https://getmailspring.com/

3. Polymail

The Polymail is popular for being trustworthy among Mac users who use this email application. Polymail tracks the emails sent by the user and lets the user know when those emails are read. It also lets user postpone the emails which can be read later. Other features of the free version of Polymail include undo send emails, scheduling of the calendar etcetera. In the premium version of this application, users get added templates and other additional features.

The official website for Polymail is https://polymail.io/

4. Canary mail

Canary mail is different than other email applications for Mac, mainly because it offers encryption. One of the unique features of Canary mail is one-click encryption. This means only the sender and recipient of the email can read that email. This email application lets the user handle their spam emails in bulk which is efficient and saves time as the user does not have to deal with those emails one by one. Canary mail offers an option for outgoing emails to the users with which users can lock whoever tries to sneak into the user’s account. This application also has the feature of snoozing incoming emails.

The official website for Canary mail is https://canarymail.io/

5. MacOS mail

MacOS offers elimination of spams which is a rare and most efficient features among all the email applications for Mac. Users who want the traditional “Apple” experience, prefer this application. A full featured and trouble free application like MacOS mail obviously is most used email application worldwide. It is designed by Apple which makes it fully optimized to work on Mac.

The official website for MacOS mail is https://support.apple.com/downloads/mail

6. Outlook

Outlook is designed by Microsoft. Outlook, according to users is similar to MacOS mail. It offers the sorting between emails because of the smart inbox. The user can customize the swipe options for deleting or archiving emails. The user can schedule messages to show up only on the scheduled time using this application. The user interface design of this application is user-friendly and efficient.

The official website for Outlook is https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=45492

7. AirMail

Airmail has many attractive features which makes it a popular email application among Mac users. Airmail supports email accounts like iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, IMAP, etcetera. It offers snoozing of the email to the date or time specified by user.  User can create a PDF from email in this application, senders can be muted or blocked, a to-do list can be created by the user with this application. This application is popular for all the customization it offers. This application has a unique feature of allowing users to search for addresses that they do not have saved in their contact lists using global Google suite directory.

The official website for Airmail is http://airmailapp.com/

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