Best Calendar App for Mac

5 Best Calendar App for Mac in 2021

Calendar apps are helpful to be organized at an optimum level. Although the built-in calendar app in Mac PCs tends to work fine there is still a need for more advanced and efficiency-enhancing features by users. Hence, there is an increasing demand for alternative and best calendar apps by Mac users worldwide.

Before making your choice, you need to know what makes an ideal calendar app for Mac users.

How to choose the best calendar app for Mac?

An ideal calendar app needs to be easy-to-read, have a user-friendly interface that is prominent to notice but without being too intrusive.

Here are some pointers that experts suggest you should look for before choosing the best-suited calendar app for Mac users:

Ease of Use

A calendar app is basically your virtual personal assistant. It is significantly less expensive to maintain and should be easier to communicate with than a real personal assistant. Hence, a user-friendly interface is most important in an ideal calendar app.


The calendar app design needs to be efficient and simple at the same time.


As the original calendar app on Mac can also run with Android and iOS devices, it is highly advised to check if the alternative calendar app is compatible to sync with your other devices. Apart from device compatibility, the calendar app should also have efficient cross-platform syncing abilities too.

Now that you know the basic factors and features to look for before selecting the best calendar app, let’s check out the list of the best calendar app for Mac you need to have in 2021:

Best Calendar App for Mac
Best Calendar App for Mac

5 Best Calendar App for Mac in 2021

2021 is here and we are ready with all new year plans. A planner and a calendar are essential items while planning something. So for all Mac users, here we are sharing the top 5 calendar apps for Mac in 2021. These apps are currently the best in the market and will serve all your needs.


BusyCal2 seems to resemble the iCal app on your Mac but it is significantly more powerful than the built-in Mac calendar app. It not only syncs perfectly with other CalDAV services, You can choose to alternate the display between conventional daily, weekly, monthly or annual mode or change it to a list mode for easy browsing.

It is easy to customize BusyCal2. Users can use color-coded texts and can even ass emojis and sticky notes to events.



  • Create calendar groups for easy event-sharing
  • Customize the display of the number of days, weeks and months
  • Synchronize effectively with Google, iCloud, Yahoo and other services that support CalDAV format
  • Add to the menu bar
  • Include/Exclude dates in to-do lists
  • Create sticky notes
  • Customize font type and colors easily


Fantastical 2 is one of the best calendar apps for Mac users. It is packed with innovative and efficiency-enhancing features that help you cruise through your daily schedule. It is easy to import calendar events from alternative services, including Google, Microsoft Exchange and Yahoo as well as other CalDAV supporting apps.

Fantastical 2 allows users to get locations updated automatically with events as it is synced with your built-in map. In addition, the widget provided with this app allows you to add additional details to events, such as weather forecasts, etc to your daily events. The Mini Window is another excellent feature for quick-access to Fantastical 2 from your menu bar.



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy and extensive customization options
  • Compatible with multiple platforms, including Google, Exchange and iCloud
  • Use natural language to create events and reminders
  • Add URLs and event notes
  • Link with Google Hangout easily
  • Available in English, Italian, French, Japanese and Spanish


SmartDay is not only one of the best calendar app for Mac users, but it is also an excellent task manager too. It allows you to simply drag and drop events from one date to another. The timeline display makes it increasingly efficient to glimpse your schedule at a glance.

You can also attach documents, notes and checklists to your notes easily. Although it is primarily designed for Mac OS, it is also compatible with iOS and other devices.



  • Syncs with Google Calendar
  • Apply tags
  • Add detailed notes
  • Create to-do lists and tasks easily
  • Drag-drop events
  • Sync events and tasks with iCal
  • Search events easily
  • Schedule tasks automatically

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not only an excellent email manager but its calendar feature is one of the best Mac calendar apps too. It is specially designed for businessmen and helps to organize meeting easier. You can easily check for the availability of other team members before and after scheduling the event. Users can also check the group schedules and calendars in comparison.

Microsoft Outlook calendar allows users to send meeting invites and create a calendar to organize the entire day. You can easily view your work schedule and personal tasks and events at the same place using the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Microsoft Outlook Calendar


  • Organize meetings effortlessly
  • View other team members availability
  • Email created events with calendar
  • Customize calendar color and other settings
  • Display your calendar at


Rainlendar is also one of the best calendar apps for Mac users in 2021. It is renowned for being extremely customizable as it comes with an immense range of skins. You can choose a single skin or mix multiple skins to assign to particular schedules. Users can easily create events, tasks, to-do lists and even set alarms for particular events. You can also set a pop-up reminder to chosen tasks/events after creating events with a large range of editing features in it.

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It’s highly customizable feature is the stronger factor for thousands of Mac users to choose Rainlendar as their best calendar app. The excellent customization of events and tasks makes it extremely efficient and keeps users well-organized throughout the day.



  • Customize app display with attractive themes
  • Separate storage for events and tasks
  • Online calendar subscription
  • Integrate easily with Google or Microsoft Outlook


These are the top 5 task organizing app for Mac users. Choose the best calendar app from this list and ensure that 2021 turns out to a well-organized and fruitful year for your business and personal lives.

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